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Website Statistics

Advialytics is based on the widely supported, open source Piwik statistics project. This tool is immensely useful for your insurance agency or company to get to know what clients are looking for, and for your firm’s marketing and IT employees.

Statistics that can be viewed include:

  • page views, keywords and marketing campaign reports
  • the way a viewer found your firm, i.e. search engine and keyword, referring website, etc
  • viewer location and what time of day sees the most and least activity
  • amount of time a person spends on a page
  • goals for specific actions, i.e. brochure downloads, video plays, contact us page, etc.
  • new vs. returning visitors conversion rate
  • aggregate data and individual viewer sessions so you can drill into what they were looking for

Your firm can also use the data to send:

  • Through email as a PDF or HTML file
  • With automatic sending features and custom data metrics
  • With features to integrate into CRM and other customer databases

How do I log on?

To log on via the web, go to

Then enter your username and password.

From here, you will see your dashboard, which gives you:

  • an overview of the various statistics
  • a date range to analyze the data
  • the ability to add widgets to view specific stats
  • tabs to research your site’s visitors, actions, referrers, and goals

Get Your Stats on Android, iPhone, and iPad Devices

You can access Advialytics with many smartphones, including Android, iPhone, and an iPod or iPad. Advialytics Mobile gives you the same feel and functions of the web version. You can analyze your favorite stats including: visitors, keywords, websites, referrers, goals, etc.

For iPhone

  • Download the free PiwikMobile from the App Store.
  • Once installed, open the application and select “Settings”.
  • Enter the Piwik Access URL:
  • Then enter your username and password.
  • Keep “anonymous access” turned off.

For Android

  • Download the free PiwikMobile from Google Play.
  • Enter the Piwik Access URL:
  • Then enter your username and password.
  • Keep “anonymous access” turned off.