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Get Your Insurance Blog Online With Google Blog Search

December 16, 2013

Did you know you can get your insurance blog online with Google?

You may already know a great deal about Google seach engine results for web searches. But Google also offers additional, specific (and lesser-known) search engines. Have you heard of Google Blog Search? This service does just what it says it does: it searches for and through blogs just as Google Shopping offers results and price comparisons on items for sale.

Truth be told, not all insurance agents and brokers blog, and they really should begin. Blogging expands your online reach in a significant way. But of those agents and brokers who already blog, not all realize that they could be using Google to better promote their writing.

So, if you already blog on your insurance website, it is a smart marketing manuever to submit your blog to Goolge Blog Search. It’s not difficult to do. You just need to find your feed URL. Your URL will look something like this:

At the bottom of your website, you should see a link that says, “ATOM, XML or RSS.” Click on one of them. Then, visit Google Blog Search at to add your blog’s feed.

The process cannot be completed overnight, so check back in a week to ensure that your blog has been added.

For an even smarter boost, click the option that provides “automatic pinging” when you submit your URL. The option is applicable to WordPress platforms and to several others. Every time you add something new to your blog, Google updates your listing, which is surprisingly important. No one will read an out-of-date blog; an old blog can even work against you, making it appear that you take little interest in your marketing or that you have abandoned the endeavor.

Most importantly, remember that relatively frequent entries keep your readers interested in what you have to say. Google’s algorithms love fresh content. Accordingly, your insurance website will rank better in results if you blog actively, post fresh articles and send out regular news releases.

Don’t know how to blog? Don’t have time to do it? Think your writing is atrocious? You’re not alone. Many insurance agents and brokers have enough work trying to run a business without keeping track of a website. A search engine optimization (SEO) company may be your answer. Such a company will run your marketing plan for you and bring out your best features to help visitors become customers.

Ideally, find an SEO company that has serious experience selling insurance and a full understanding of the market. Such a winning partner can guide you to the higher rankings and increased conversions you need to make your business grow.

Are People Staying On Your Insurance Website Once They Land There?

June 14, 2013

If you spend any time checking the health of your insurance website, you will know what kind of traffic you get.

You spend hundreds of hours making sure you get people to your website. You want the business and you have good products to offer. You have a really professional and clean site that is easy to navigate and had relevant content. So far, so good. What about links? Having relevant and quality links helps you get high quality traffic. In fact, you may even see an increase in traffic to your URL.

So, what happens when visitors land on your insurance website? Do your visitors stay on your site? Are they reading your content, articles and news items? Are they contacting you or just scanning a page or two and then leaving? In short, are they being engaged enough to stay on your site?

Keeping visitors happy offers you two benefits. The longer someone stays on your site, the higher the chances they will buy something — or convert from a surfer to a buyer. If people needing insurance find the information they want on your site, their opinion of that site goes up and you are likely to get a phone call or contact email. It’s a simple equation really; have good content that speaks to people and they will remember you and recommend you. Good content is so very crucial these days, even more so in light of Google’s constantly changing algorithms.

While you might be able to tell how high a bounce rate you have for your website, the information does not tell you how people react to your web pages. Did they read the whole page? Just scroll down? Just read certain content? Leave your site by clicking on a link you provided? This is information you need to know to tweak your insurance website.

How in the world do you keep track of that kind of information? First, you need a search engine optimization company that knows what it’s doing, one with overwhelmingly outstanding hands-on experience in the insurance industry. They have the information you need, the skills to help you get your insurance marketing kicked into high drive and the time to explain things like Google Analytics, to help you track your traffic. It doesn’t get any better than that.

In the final analysis, successful insurance websites keep their traffic on the site long enough for the surfer to call them, fill out a form or sign up for a newsletter, etc. More ways to track your traffic. It’s your business and your success. Do your website up the right way the first time.