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Social Networking

Social networking is an integral part of any insurance website. It is a way to keep in touch with like-minded customers and others about your services and products. It is also a great forum to share interests, information, new services, and discuss new developments in the insurance industry that people have an interest in. An estimated 47 percent of American adults use social networking, which means you have the ability to reach a very large audience.

The vast majority of social networking is web based, and offers users a way to interact with one another on the Internet. Those who belong to social networking sites are part of an online community that centers on a wide array of group-centered topics. The most important point is that social networking for individuals and businesses lets users share events, interests, activities, ideas and information instantly.

Most social networking sites have some of the same basic features. People using them have profiles, may upload pictures, post blog entries, search for other like-minded people or business owners and share contacts. User privacy is protected to allow the user to choose who they want to view their profile information and contact them. One of the more recent trends in social networking are businesses and organizations creating profiles to advertise services and products.

Sharing on social networking sites may also involve video blogging, live videos, webinars or information pooling. All of these features can be translated to mobile social networking, a trend that is rapidly beginning to capture people’s imaginations. Mobile users can register their own profiles, enter chat rooms, have private conversations, share pictures, create blogs and other information using their mobile phones. It is an active community and new uses for social networking develop almost daily.

The latest trend in social networking involves the concept of real-time web and location-based communication. This lets users broadcast their material in real time as it is being uploaded to the Internet. This is much like a radio or television broadcast. The best known example of this is Twitter.

Trending is the concept of companies creating interactive communities that serve to connect people based on shared business needs or services. This is an exciting development for the insurance industry. Adding a touch of social networking on your site entices more people to spend time on your website as they learn about products they need to have to protect themselves and their families.

But social networking is not just between people, it may be between businesses. This is a terrific way to build a brand image. Companies using social media can create a brand and make others aware of it, manage their online reputation, recruit new clients, learn about emerging technologies that would benefit them and gather leads to further their business.

Ready to Quote knows how important it is for insurance companies to gauge their customer’s wants and needs. Social networking is a great way to accomplish this and allows vibrant consumer interaction.