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Search Engine Optimization

Perhaps you already have a website, but it needs some search engine optimization (SEO) to focus it and make it more relevant to your area. This is where the difference between national and local SEO comes into play and refines the kind of traffic that comes in from your target areas.

If you are a large insurance company that sells policies across the nation, then you would have national keywords used in your SEO strategy. For example, if you were a very large national health insurance company, you would need national keywords as well as local keywords to drive your marketing strategy. For a smaller company based in a specific locality, you would need local insurance SEO.

National insurance SEO typically targets long-tail keywords of a national scope. An example would be if a customer was searching for hurricane insurance and did a search on Google for property and casualty insurance. Since this is a general search term, and not refined with any other qualifier key phrase, Google would return national matches. Millions of websites would come up and Google shows that the term property and casualty insurance is searched for at least 40,000 times a month.

Regional insurance SEO is long-tail national keywords modified for a state or region. That means a generic national word for insurance, for example car insurance, would have a qualifier added to it such as Florida car insurance.

Local SEO terms are different and also produce unique results. An example would be if you were searching for Miami health insurance – you would get a map that shows you at least 10 business listings in the local area you searched. After the map is shown, the engines typically list other relevant search results. However, some of them may not be in the location that was searched.

If you are not certain what type of search criteria is relevant to your insurance company, this is the time to consult an SEO specialist with experience in the insurance business that understands the subtleties of online insurance marketing. Ready to Quote can show you how your business’ profile will dictate what search terms are relevant. For example, if you are a small local insurance agency and only sell a product within a 200 mile radius, you need to utilize local SEO keywords.

On the other hand, if you sell in more than one state, you should have regional insurance SEO but still target local offices using local SEO. And for those selling nationally, long-tail keywords need to be national in scope and attract people looking for national insurance information to their website.

While keywords are an important part of search engine optimization, they are not the only tool. It takes a seamless, comprehensive approach to ensure an insurance website rises in Google’s rankings. That means your business needs to include a stellar website design, blogging, social media, e-publishing, news releases, link building and fresh articles to properly optimize your business for maximum search engine exposure.