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Broken Link Monitor

From your WordPress dashboard, you can access the tools menu in the left-hand sidebar to find the broken links tool. This will show you the list of URLs that have a broken link and that URL’s status.

Hover over the URL to find a list of options to fix the broken link.

Edit URL: here you can modify the URL so that all occurrences of it on your
posts and blog get updated.
Unlink: this eliminates the link but keeps the link text preserved.
Not broken: lets you select a link as working. Sometimes a bug or network
glitch incorrectly marks a link as broken. The link will still get checked, but it
won’t be automatically be deemed broken unless a new status check finds it
broken again.

The Status or Link Text fields also allow you to find out more details about
each link’s status.

Enter the updated URL and click the update URL button to save your changes.

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