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If you already sell insurance online, but need a more dynamite presence, then you need branding. Branding involves having a distinctive logo that embodies the essence of your insurance business. It needs to be a logo that people remember, complete with a tagline that people easily recall and associate with a positive business image. With Ready to Quote, we provide these essential services.

A strong business name needs be complemented by a memorable logo with an impressive graphic image that is truly representational of your business. Ready to Quote knows that images are powerful, and that these types of images are more easily recognized by those who have visited your site.

Logos need to be distinct, evocative and capture someone’s attention at first glance. It cannot be stressed enough that the first impression a visitor gets when they land on your home page is a lasting one, so a logo must do a lot of work. The logo needs to be understood within the reference of your company name and should tell people what your business is and what you stand for.
A tagline can then summarize your business in an engaging way. For example, Albany Insurance is known as “Hometown coverage in a click,” or Focal Point Insurance stands for “Your business is our main concern”. The tagline is designed to tell visitors on your website what your mission is in one brief and memorable statement.

Branding is more than just words. Branding is your corporate identity and it needs to be strong enough to deliver a message and feeling to convey your company’s identity instantly. When you have a professional insurance logo, it can prompt someone to click on your site or call for more information because your website design was clean and professional. If you take the time to have your business branded professionally you will set yourself apart from the bigger companies by providing a unique identity that resonates to your target markets.

Never be in a rush to choose an identity too quickly as this is something that will grow and evolve as your insurance company takes hold in the marketplace.

At Ready to Quote, we know the ins and outs of branding and have been in the insurance business for more than 25 years. We understand how to make your insurance company a more compelling choice to new and returning clients online.