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Quality Email Marketing Still Works for Insurance Agencies

February 26, 2014

Insurance email marketing has fallen under some debate. Some agencies believe that the method is invasive and ineffective. Others believe the more personal contact an agency has, the better.

While both sides make strong points, studies still show that email marketing can have a powerful effect as a direct marketing tactic. The key lies in quality. Stong emails boost communication and reaches a wide range of current and potential clients. Tackle the challenge yourself, or, if you prefer, get in touch with an experienced search engine optimization (SEO) company to find out how its teams can help you leverage your website to get more conversions.

Online, people today tend to have short attention spans. Email has become a daily part of life, so it can be difficult to stand out in a person’s inbox. You want people to open your email and read it. So, create subject lines that capture attention and compel readers to open your email to discover its contents.
Never hesitate to tell your recipients why they should open your email. Offer useful incentives relating to insurance products, like news on beneficial changes in the industry or tips on dealing with new developments in your speciality areas.

Treat your subjects lines like titles. They need to appeal to readers enough to make them open and read your message. Before sending any insurance news out by email, experiment with subject lines. Ask for outside opinions. If your initial choices fall flat, try again or discuss your direct email marketing needs with an experienced SEO company. SEO and email marketing work together, so do not discount their connections.

Creating a subject line that sells someone on opening an email is a bit like creating keywords for a website. The intention is the same: encourage people to take an action and convert. All types of marketing are related, so your agency’s more familiar tactics can help you to write content for a new form.

Subject lines need to be short and to the point. Use 50 characters or fewer. Avoid making exciting promises you can’t keep. Stay away from three toxic terms that make people hit the delete key most often: “reminder,” “help,” and “percent off.”

If you need help finding a strategy to build your agency’s reach, contact an SEO company that knows how to market insurance agencies.

Pinterest for Insurance Marketing

January 31, 2014

Time to think outside the box. You may think Pinterest is a lovely service, but not really suited for insurance agencies. Surprisingly, Pinning offers your agency much more than you may think.

Pinterest is no longer just for pictures of potential wedding favors and stunning landscapes. Now, it has evolved into an even more interesting platform with the newest addition to its lineup: Article Pins. Article Pins are a bit longer than normal Pins, and they offer a user an article link, story description, author and headline.

The change is happening gradually, so your insurance agency still has a chance to plan strategies for marketing and outreach on Pinterest before most users begin Pinning articles on a regular basis.

Before the revamp, if a user Pinned an article, other users would see a picture relating to that article and a link to it. This format left articles fairly unattractive amongst other Pins, and it was difficult to determine the relevance of any given piece.

If you want people to Pin your insurance articles and blogs under the new format, always attach a picture. Learn how to summarize your article accurately in its opening sentence.

You might be wondering about the potential insurance audience on the site. Just about every American online should want to read about insurance, because, one way or another, they each need a product you sell (whether now or in the near future). Pinterest may be exceptionally effective if you sell health insurance and Medicare/Medigap policies. But other types of insurance policies are gaining their own attention as people realize their need for the protection that insurance can offer.

Through Pinterest, you have a chance to create highly visual, narrative marketing. A wealth of images apply to your agency; surf online for pictures of people recovering in hospitals, using crutches, reading pill bottles or standing in front of a tornado-struck house. Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words. However, be sure only to attach images that follow Creative Commons guidelines or images for which you have purchased the rights.

Choose your article topic (say, home insurance or health insurance), write from the heart, keep it short and crisp, find a picture to match your content and Pin it to your company’s board.

Can’t write to save your life? Don’t know the right focus to choose? Clueless about SEO and social media? There are options for you, too. Contact an experienced search engine optimization (SEO) company with a background in the insurance industry. They will know exactly what to do, so you will be able to build your business without worrying about website maintenance and the other chores of social media.