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For a new insurance website, demand full ownership of the contents

October 30, 2013

Don’t look now, but your website content does not belong to you.

Did that get your attention? Did you know that even if you spend lots of dollars on getting the perfect insurance website, paying for great blogs and tons of highly useful articles with relevant content, that the content is not yours to keep?

You may never have needed to know that, unless you choose to move your insurance website to another service provider. If you make that decision, you may just be told you have no rights to what you paid for.

You want to market your insurance agency effectively, and to do that you want to know where you stand, how to improve and what is needed to move forward. In doing that, you may decide you need a new website, and assume that the content is transferable. Legally, you are not entitled to the contents. Take a look at your service agreement.

If it does not say your search engine optimization company, content provider and/or website designer specifically transfers rights to your insurance company, then they own the content. Even if you technically own the content, since you paid for it, legally, that is another can of worms.

Companies that have you locked in really retain no particular advantage other than it makes things hard for you to transfer your insurance website to another provider. There isn’t much you can do about it, but you can most definitely learn from that situation and not make the same mistake again.

For your new insurance website, make sure to have your contract spell out in great detail that your insurance company owns full rights to the content of the website, design, and whatever content management system is being used. Insist that there will be no close out fees/transfer fees if you have completed a contract term. Make certain you own your own domain name and have all the relevant information needed to access it and have all your licensed picture rights transferred to your insurance company at no addition cost.

Controlling your own insurance website content is the smart thing to do.