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Social media is the way to go to market your insurance website

September 12, 2013

Perhaps you do not enjoy using social media and consider it a waste of your time while trying to market insurance, but here’s something you need to know to improve the conversion rate of your website: A recent study shows more Internet users than ever before are making use of social media to find websites. This is a bellwether trend you need to pay attention to, as it holds the key to drive more traffic to your insurance site.
This kind of information is no surprise to those who use social media regularly, largely because those who are plugged in and active have been trying to get more businesses to join in and not stick with the old method of searching. The fact is that roughly 54 percent of Americans use search engines to find the information they need. In 2010, the percentage of Americans using search engines was 61 percent. Social media is becoming the leader in searching, particularly with younger people.

If you do the math, that means 33 percent of Americans, on average, use social media as their primary search method. What does that mean for your insurance website? It means that you need to be more visible in the social sense, particularly if you want to market to the younger demographic. Marketing methods are rapidly changing and you need to keep up with them if you expect to grow your business.

While you may not need to be in a great hurry to plunge into the social media stream, it’s a marketing niche that has the potential to greatly impact how you do business in the near future. Pay attention to the age range you want to embrace, what products you market and who is likely to buy them. It’s certainly not like trying to find out when the next hot movie is going to hit town or which hair salon is the trendiest, but there is food for thought in how to properly market an insurance website and products using social media.

Social media, without any doubts, is ideally suited to building bridges with prospects and colleagues —- the very same prospects and colleagues who may refer business your way. Having a strong social presence is not a deterrent, as the younger grow older and into your market demographics.

Love the idea of social media to market your insurance agency, but dislike the thought of setting up an account and trying to learn how to use it, when to use it and how to optimize it? Now is the time to find the right search engine optimization (SEO) company, with a background in marketing insurance, and partner with them, to get a leg up on the latest in marketing strategies that impact on your agency in a positive way. The world is your oyster. Time to start making plans to grab that media pearl.