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Insurance marketing involves consumer education

April 8, 2013

Not a lot of people understand what insurance does for them or the lingo or even what would best suit their needs.

You know from running an insurance agency that many people do not understand insurance, what it does for them, what it includes and excludes and really, why they need it. They may understand it protects their health to a certain extent, but they do not think they can afford it. The truth of the matter is they cannot afford to not have insurance. That is where you and your insurance website come in. Insurance marketing involves customer’s education.

However, to educate your customers and potential customers, you need to draw them to your website and be able to convert them to policy buyers. To draw in visitors and give them what they want, ideally you should have an active/interactive blog, a site map, a frequently asked questions section and fresh articles and news releases every month. You, of course, also need relevant keywords and keyword phrases in order to properly optimize your insurance website. And, one thing you really need is an instant quoting function, as this, more than anything, will give potential conversions instant service; information on what it would cost for a policy.

The bottom line here is that people are far more likely to call an agency that gave them the information they wanted to know right away, rather than call an agency that made them hunt for answers and was not forthcoming about other information they needed. If you offer surfers a wealth of up-to-date relevant information that affects them, they will remember your site and come back, and likely buy a policy from you.

It’s not just about a nicely designed website, or one that is easy to navigate, although those are considerations for being online and presenting a dynamic presence. It is about the information you offer that makes a difference to people when they land on your site. You know you cannot offer everything online, but you can offer new things on a frequent basis. In the process, you educate your existing customers and potential buyers.

And here is another up-to-the-minute tip about utilizing your blog. Have your staff hop on and post items as well. For instance, post questions that come up while talking to customers and what the answer is. It’s a nice human touch that people appreciate. A blog is your immediate vehicle to get across a story, a new piece of information, a special on certain policies or to post customer stories and testimonials. It’s all good promotion in an interesting and engaging way. Why not hop onboard and get your insurance website up to speed to meet the online demands of today’s Internet.

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