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For more exposure for your insurance website – ping your blog entries

April 17, 2013

There are a lot of things you could do to increase the exposure for your insurance website, and you may already be doing them. Chances are though that you did not know about pinging. It’s honestly not rocket science. It’s just a little known nifty trick that can drive traffic to your website, and that is what you want to grow your business.
Let’s say you have a blog. You might already know it can be syndicated to multiple websites, to get link backs and traffic. So far, so good. You do well with your blog and keep it up-to-date faithfully and, you think, you do all the best practices to get visitors. Bet you did not know your blog’s RSS feed needs to be pinged to update entries in Google Blog search, as well as other blog search engines. Hmmm, now what?

If you hired the right search engine optimization company, one that understand the insurance biz inside out, this service would be performed for you every month. However, you could do it yourself just as easily by using a free tool (free is a good word when you want to save money) called the Ping-O-Matic. It is user friendly and you only have to spend about two minutes a month to check out what’s going on with your blog statistics.

Just head on over to, owned by WordPress Foundation, and sign up. Be sure to remember to check mark all relevant blog search engines you send your feed to. When you’ve done that, just click on the “send pings” button and you will get a status page in short order. It’s kind of fun to watch what happens a day or so after you have updated your insurance website blog.

Pinging, as unassuming as it is, is a vital component in keeping those blog search engines up-to-the-minute with your new information, which in turn drives new traffic to your site. Relevant new content is always food for the engines. If you happen to have an insurance website built on WordPress, you can add a plugin that automatically gets your blog pinged every time you post. How easy is that?

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