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Flaunt your contact information to improve the conversion rate of your insurance website

April 25, 2013

You’ve heard that old expression: “If you’ve got it, flaunt it.” Nothing could be truer when it comes to contact information on your insurance website. Make yourself easy to find, easy to contact and easy to talk to and you will up your conversion rate. While that may sound pretty simple, it’s a fact.

Look at it this way. If you were surfing on the Internet and you landed on a website that appealed to you and you wanted to buy something, but had a question, and could not find out how to contact the site owners, what would you do? If you’re like the vast majority of people on the Net these days, you go away and don’t come back. That just cost the website owner money. Additionally, if the one disgruntled surfer tells others about their experience, it will mean at least five other people will not visit your site either.

It can’t be emphasized enough that you need to be clear as a bell about how people may contact you to ask questions. More so in the insurance industry, because there will always be questions about policies and pricing and so forth. If you don’t have the information front and center on your site, and people have to hunt for it, consider them gone.

The fact is that an average website visitor will take a peek at about three of your web pages. If you have an interesting and up-to-date blog, they may stay longer. But, if the first page they land on is the home page, then the second page must, by necessity be your contact form(s). There are some proponents of having contact information on every web page on your site. While that might be necessary in some cases, this is something to discuss with a search engine optimization company with experience in marketing insurance. They know what you need, even before you know what you need.

Often the best answer to having contact information on all pages is to have a short contact form, similar to the longer one. That means that no matter what page a surfer lands on, they know they can get a hold of you by clicking on the shortcut form, filling it out and waiting for you to reply. “Contact us” buttons are not as effective as you may think, as many people don’t use them, preferring to fill out a form instead.

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