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Insurance marketing is crucial for your agency

March 18, 2013

Without the right kind of search engine optimization (SEO) marketing for your insurance website, customer conversion is difficult.

If you want the right kind of SEO marketing for your insurance agency, then you need to find a real insurance marketing pro; ideally one with experience in the insurance industry. There are not a lot of SEO outfits that fit that bill, so when you find one, it’s time to find out what they can do specifically for you. Marketing insurance is difficult on a good day, and in this economy, you need all the help you can get. It’s a competitive industry and you want to stand out ahead of the pack.

Of course by now, you likely already have a website but perhaps are not that thrilled with the way it is, or is not, performing for you. You get visitors, but they don’t stay long. They sometimes ask for quotes, but then don’t respond to your call. This issue could be solved in a variety of ways. For instance, you may not yet have added an instant quoting function to your website. This will jump your traffic quite nicely and offer customers what they want – instant information.

Insurance websites with an instant quoting function do provide more quotes and write more policies than a site that does not offer a service like that. People want things right away when they make up their minds that the time is right to buy something, and that includes insurance policies. If your website offers them what they want and you follow up and provide excellent service, you will start converting your traffic to sales —- a huge bonus.

If you do not yet have a website and want to get going, then you need a design team with insurance experience building insurance websites. Throw in the SEO experience, a dynamite web designer, solid writing for your monthly articles and news releases (to keep the search engines happy) and you have a winning combination. Think it is expensive? It does come with a price tag, but a properly designed SEO marketing strategy offers you the highest ROI for your marketing dollars, and bottom line, it is more affordable than advertising on the radio, in papers and magazines or on T.V.

Besides, there is another adage about spending money to make money that holds true in these kinds of circumstances. If you want to attract customers and increase your revenue, you need to have a site that captures their attention and converts them to customers.

Ready to Quote is an insurance marketing company, specializes in marketing insurance websites online. Learn more at
Ready to Quote is an insurance marketing company, specializes in marketing insurance websites online. Learn more at