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You Need It All To Market Your Insurance Website

December 30, 2012

It is not just one single thing that markets your insurance website. It is many things working together as one.

There’s a lot in writing about using social media, and some people breathe it in daily, while others think it’s a waste of time. It truly depends on what you are doing as to whether or not social media will boost your business. If you use it in the right manner, it does attract potential clients and establish you as an expert in insurance.

Wondering what search engine optimization (SEO) benefits you can derive from having a solid social media marketing strategy? There are many benefits that businesses overlook at first glance. In fact, when faced with the decision to add social media to a marketing plan, many insurance agents wonder if it will help or harm them.

When used in conjunction with other marketing efforts, social media is a winner. It helps to understand that social media, website optimization, website design and blogging, and Facebook work together in sync, as a part of a comprehensive online insurance marketing strategy. Still not so sure? Then consider this: After the most recent algorithm changes, brought in by Google, you must make changes to stay relevant, and not lose your online ranking. That means whatever SEO you have in effect now, must be changed to keep be compliant.

Interestingly enough, after the dust mostly settled after the introduction of the Penguin algorithm, is the observation that unique content is critical. You have heard the saying that “Content is King.” That has not changed. It has always been that way, it’s just that since Google tweaked their online ranking system again, everyone is frantically striving for unique content and talking about how to keep their online material fresh and relevant.

It’s not just content that you need to pay attention too though. Part of the Penguin changes means that Google added weight to social media things, such as shares and likes. And nowadays, Bing and Google are using data from social media sites and factoring them into their results. So you need to pay attention to the wave of now, and get your insurance agency fully compliant with social media marketing practices. Find the right SEO firm that understands insurance marketing, because they do it every day, and you are on a roll.

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