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Great Insurance Website Design Is Functional

December 28, 2012

There is nothing worse online than a site that is not functional, clunky and not clearly laid out.

Since the main focus of your day-to-day work is running an insurance agency, you want an insurance website that turns surfers into prospects — prospects who ultimately buy something from you. In simple terms, this means your website must convert visitors. Don’t have a clue as to how to accomplish that? It doesn’t matter, because if you have the right search engine optimization (SEO) company onboard with you, they take care of those details.

So, down to business. You know you have a good SEO company to handle your insurance website design if they take the time to ask you questions about what you like about your competition’s sites and what you like about other websites you have visited. This tells them what appeals to you, and how to translate that into an insurance website design that suits your needs.

Think it’s bad form to copy your competition? Indeed it is, but this is not what the SEO company does. Just like you, they need to know what the competition is doing, and how well they are doing it, to allow them to distinguish your insurance agency from the other ones out there. What you ultimately need to do is do what your competition is NOT doing, and you need to do it well. In other words, find your own style, one that does not duplicate another agency or agent. And you don’t need to just check out other insurance websites. Look around in other industries and see what appeals to you. There is always a better way to present information in a clear and precise manner.

Stuck at the starting gate? Not sure what you could possibly find that would make your site unique? This is something best left to the SEO pros. They are typically on top of the newest trends in web design, HTML5 and CSS. If you have an SEO firm working for you that does not know what the latest trends in website design are, it’s time to move on – fast.

Your website is not a static entity. It is alive and vibrant, showcasing your style, your products, your business and your presence. You need to be up-to-the-minute to stay on top of the various trends online, in order to stay relevant. Today, the world belongs to the mobile users. Your insurance website needs to show well on a mobile device as well.

Lots of things to consider. Some may be daunting and incomprehensible, but they do not need to be when you have the right SEO firm handling your website and SEO needs.

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