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Insurance Marketing is about to change and you need to be ready

May 9, 2012

Insurance marketing on the Internet is never stagnant. When things change, you need to be ready.

While you might have one of the nicest sites on the Internet, full of interesting information, offering instant quotes and other relevant information for surfers, the site’s performance is not quite up to snuff. You feel that there is something missing, but are not sure what. Health care reform won’t really swing into effect until 2014, so that isn’t an issue. Or is it?

When health care reform does make it into effect, when everyone must have insurance, there will be a flood of people on the market needing policies. While that might sound good, along with the flood of people, there will be enormous competition. Now is the time to start gearing your marketing towards those changes. If you are a step or two ahead of the rest of the competition, this means you are likely to get more business. Or to borrow an old saying, “Why wait for spring, do it now.”

Think about the open doors your ‘with it’ insurance marketing will provide to potential customers. They will see that your website is Web 2.0 compliant, has all the social media gadgets possible, shows you are in the mainstream of marketing with savvy, has a lively blog, interesting articles and news releases and is chockfull of information you need to make an informed decision about insurance. If you also have an instant quote function, that is even better. People in a hurry like things ‘yesterday.’

While you cannot do all this marketing on your own, you certainly can find a search engine optimization (SEO) company that can do all that, and more, behind the scenes, while you run the nuts and bolts of the business. Ideally, you would like a company that knows SEO inside out and also has an in depth knowledge of the insurance industry. Bonus. In other words, if you want to substantially increase your traffic and ‘retention to conversion’ ratio, find an SEO firm knows what works well to promote your insurance business from an owner’s point of view.

So, consider this: an insurance website offering lightening fast side-by-side insurance quotes; gave you insider information about how to handle and submit a claim; offered industry intelligence in English and gave excellent service. All this is just a click away. Imagine how creative your marketing will be over the next few years.

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