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Insurance Web Content is Critical to Achieve Sales and High Ranking

November 21, 2011

Your business really needs a kick to get it launched into cyberspace, with a website that stands out. The whole idea of making your business stand out is all about the C word – yes, content. Good web content that tells your story like it is, with originality, brevity, humor and quality is critical.

Sound like that might be impossible? It’s not impossible. There are companies out there that can create specially tailored content just for your insurance website, and make ideas and your story, products and services come alive. This is what you need to capture your audience’s attention. And once that is achieved, potential customers make a buying decision based on what they have seen and read. While this may sound simple, it rarely is, but with the right company directing your search engine optimization campaign (SEO), your site will experience increased traffic and conversions.

While you may be wondering why the content on an insurance website needs to be descriptive and informative, it is because prospective customers need to know what is available for them. They need to find information that is relevant and useful; stuff that makes them come back to see what else is on the website and what products would suit them. We know this, because we have been in the insurance business for more than 25 years and certainly know a thing or two that would help your insurance marketing efforts.

A quality insurance website also has personal touches to inform visitors about the agent or broker behind the site. This is attraction marketing at its best, and lets people know who they are dealing with and what services and policies might suit them. This means that website content is key for visitors. Make the most of the opportunity, and offer visitors quality information that is easy to read and understand. The more people know about your insurance business, the more you tell them what you offer, the more information you share, the more people will ultimately decide you have what they need.

Look at it this way – if you landed on a website that made you yawn, would you remember it? Of course you would not. However, if you went to a site that made you laugh or told you something you did not know, you would recall it and likely pass it along to others.

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Achieve High Rankings in Google with the Right SEO Company

November 7, 2011

Want to hit the first page of Google? Then you need someone in your corner that knows what they are doing, and knows how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to get your company website there.

A skilled company will help you see appreciable results within a six-month time frame. It takes time to climb the ranks, so know that is just how the world of search engines works. When you put the proper SEO plan in place, things will start to happen – like seeing your insurance company on the first page of Google rankings.

Why is SEO so important? You have a product that will sell. Health insurance is a major necessity, even for those who are not insured. Now that may sound a bit like a mixed message, however what we mean is that health insurance is essential for everyone no matter what their insured status is because at some point in their lives they will need health insurance in some form or another.

Your insurance company wants to be right up there when people go looking for health insurance quotes. You want to be positioned correctly to entice people to visit your website, which is also optimized with all the SEO bells and whistles. Having the correct SEO strategy ensures your website is unique, stands out among the crowd, and makes people want to do business with you.

Why have your own personal insurance website? Here is the magic bullet in marketing – if people know who you are and get to understand what you offer through what you feature on your website, they are more inclined to buy health insurance from you. They will buy it from you as opposed to the generic big name websites, because they feel they know you. This is called relationship marketing (or attraction marketing).

It is that simple. If people feel that they know you and your own stylized, individual website is overseen by marketing professionals, the writing, design and SEO will all help your business. From here, your website stats go up nice and steady, eventually winning the race. Find a winning company that puts the time in for you and handles all the details, so that all you have to do is run your business.

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