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SEO Optimized Insurance Websites Convert Traffic Quicker

September 22, 2011

If you want your insurance website traffic to increase and convert, take a long look at your website design. Is it all that it could be? Get a friend or an independent third party to go on it and use it like a customer would – you may be surprised by what they say. Their point of view will be valuable in helping you make your website user friendly and informative.

It has been proven many times that if you have an insurance website that is unique, clean, loads quickly, and is full of great information, people will visit it and convert. Clients want a website that has content with a personal touch, some humor, and great articles. People will then come back, convert, and even refer their family and friends.

While you may not think what your insurance website looks like makes any difference, the fact is the better it looks and the more user friendly it is, customers will stay on your site longer. Yes, insurance marketing is tough, but people still need insurance, if not even more so in this economy.

People are still buying and reviewing what they have for medical care coverage as well as home and auto insurance, long-term care insurance, and more. If they can find a professional insurance website that has more information on it than they ever knew they could find online, this is the start to a good customer relationship.

If you have an interactive quote function where people can get instant quotes, really good articles to explain what various insurance terms means and good content overall, you will not lack traffic. Put yourself in the shoes of a person searching for insurance online. What would you be looking for, and does your insurance website include that? If it does not, and you do not have the expertise to do something about it, find a reputable search engine optimization (SEO) firm with insurance marketing experience and find out what they can do for your business.

The last thing you want to happen is for your website to go down in the rankings because you did not know what to do when it came to search engine optimization. SEO is an art and skill, and done correctly, it will produce remarkable results. This is not overnight because it takes time for a website to make its way through the ranks in the right manner.

So what you need is a more robust insurance website, not a cookie cutter template idea that makes your business look like several thousand other sites on the Internet. You need cutting-edge SEO using the latest strategies, fresh content every month, news releases, a blog and social media tools. Then, you are headed in the right direction to go head-to-head with your competition.

When an insurance business needs to grow, you need experts in 2.0 web design, SEO, writing and social media marketing. With a skilled SEO company behind you, you can reach page one of Google over time.

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Increase Insurance Website Traffic With a Smart Design

September 8, 2011

We have likely all heard the phrase, “snap out of it”. This usually means hurry up, get done fast, and get your act together. For websites that are not gaining visitors and converting into clients, you had better snap out of it or suffer the consequences. Search engine optimization (SEO) has a big part to play in this whole process, so it is worth finding a company that can breathe life into your website and help to start converting traffic into buyers.

Insurance marketing these days is tough. After all, the insurance industry is not what you call stable or predictable. That means you need a marketing edge and several, well-balanced tools to get traffic on your site and get them to buy. Sounds easy, right? It can be as long as you have the right set of tools backing you up.

For instance, you need the right selection of keywords, chosen by an SEO company that knows the insurance business and understands the rigorous nuances of insurance marketing. You need a silent partner that knows what it takes to boost your insurance website to the top of the pack and keep it there over time. This involves a well-thought out process, planned with care and attention to the finer details of search engine optimization.

It involves keeping your website fresh, honest, packed with quality information, and an active blog with interesting material and other social media tools to keep you current and in touch with today’s customers. Customers will then convert after they see that the insurance website they are visiting offers them valuable information. Conversions start with first class service, which many other businesses seem to have forgotten. For the right way to optimize your site all the time, find an SEO company with specialists that know your business and can create a strategic plan suited to your needs.

ReadytoQuote is aninsurance marketing company, specializes in marketing insurance websites online. Learn more at