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Insurance Marketing White Hat Search Engine Optimization to Rise Higher in the Rankings

June 4, 2011

There are two ways to get good rankings in the search engines; one the white hat way and one the black hat way.

Good versus evil. Black versus white. When it comes to insurance search engine optimization tactics for your business, you want white hat methods. This is because if you use the black hat methods, your high rank in the engines will last about as long as a firecracker exploding for a brief, bright flash before fizzling out. This is what will happen with a website optimized with black hat methods.

If you want your insurance business to be up and running and a going concern, you want longevity and customers. The right way to get those is to stick to a well thought out insurance search engine optimization campaign; one that gets your site updated frequently, makes sure you have fresh content on it at least once a month, have good blog material and all the social media stuff you need to be “with it.” You want a search engine optimization company that knows what it is doing and also, one that designs insurance websites. What more could you ask for?

If you already have an insurance website, maybe you have checked out your competition and do not think their sites are as nice or as informative as yours, but they rank higher than you do? How come? The likely answer is that they have a professional team of search engine optimization specialists with insurance backgrounds, doing their thing to increase that sites traffic and name recognition. Choosing the right keywords, getting out new content every month, blogging for them and making sure their insurance website is clear, clean and crisp, loads fast and offers the information people want to know.

While some of these behind the scenes things may not seem that big a deal, just try doing them yourself every month and submit them and monitor them and track them and keep up with new content and – well, you get the idea. When would you have time to run your insurance business if you were doing all that other stuff?

The bottom line is, if you want good rankings, the white hat, right way, it can be done by the right company that knows doing it the ethical way is the only way to handle things. They know that you and your company need to be right “out there” for people to see, read about and get to know. They know your business needs to be associated with quality and fresh information, quality service, a quality website and quality content. Those are the things that keep people’s attention.

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