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Insurance Search Engine Optimization Gets You Where You Want To Go

January 31, 2011

Got a hankering to boost your insurance website rankings, but are not sure how to do that? There are two ways to go.

If you want to improve the visibility of your insurance website, there are two ways to do that: do it yourself (DIY) or do it with the help of insurance marketing professionals. If you have the time to do all the work required, and do it the right way (the White Hat method) and do it every day, you would likely be good to go. If however, you need the extra time in a day to answer calls, deal with walk-ins, handle claims and take care of business, then hiring a search engine optimization (SEO) company with insurance marketing experience is your best bet.

Are they expensive? This is a little like saying you could save money by not buying health insurance. Without health insurance, the first illness could wipe you out financially. If you do not have proper SEO for your insurance website, you do not get noticed, you do not get traffic, you do not get clients and you do not make money. Not making money is counterintuitive and if you are in business to make a living, you will want to do everything you can to get clients to do business with you.

If you are going it alone, you need to make sure what you are doing on the website does not drive people away – a common mistake many people make if they do not have enough information with which to work. You want your site to do the marketing for you, have a voice of its own, tell the world what you offer and offer it in such a way that clients keep coming back for more. Actually, SEO is truly worth your investment, because with the right company, they handle everything for you from soup to nuts – every day.

Insurance search engine optimization just does not appeal to everyone, just as not everyone loves the latest smart phones. It takes time and skill, and if you have your own insurance business to run and are doing all your own marketing and insurance web design, you barely have time to deal with clients. While it might have sounded like a good idea at first, the DIY approach may cost you money by losing clients.

Let us take an example. Let’s say you wanted to have a video greeting for visitors to your site. It does not get loaded the right way, the file is way too big to load rapidly, it does not play back smoothly from beginning to end and the audio is really bad. When potential customers play that video, they will leave the site in disgust. There goes a potential conversion.

Leave it to the professionals with years of experience in the insurance marketing industry. They will do their thing behind the scenes, while you take care of business.

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Keep Surfers on your Insurance Marketing Site by Offering Instant Quotes

January 15, 2011

To get business, you need to keep website visitors on your insurance website.

If you want to make sure you keep the visitors that land on your insurance website, then one of the things you really need to offer is instant quotes. Potential customers love being able to get an idea right away about how much they need to spend to get an insurance policy they need.

The 21st century has brought with it an increased desire to get more information faster. By providing instant insurance quotes, your insurance website will rank higher than one that does not offer quotes. Competition is what allows your business to thrive. Knowing what you need to do to keep your insurance website alive and fresh is crucial for business.

The smart insurance website will offer at least three quotes to their visitors. That is the optimal number for people to start comparing prices and policy content and it is not all that confusing. When people are looking for insurance, they want to know the policy price structure and what that will get them. In other words, the basics. If they want anything more, they can call or e-mail the agent.

If your insurance website does not have that kind of information, you may lose that visitor. Ultimately, you want to keep people on your site and get them to buy a policy. If you are trying to optimize you own website, do you have the time during your work day to tend to your website, included features to attract customers, keep it professional and fast loading and optimize it for the right keywords? Chances are the answer is: “No.”

It is time to hire out your search engine optimization to a company that understands the insurance marketing business, because that is what they know, that is what they do and they have the experience to back them up. Imagine that kind of experience working for you. Imagine partnering with a search engine optimization company that knows what your clients want and need and can deliver that to you to boost your business.

To be in business, you need to attract customers, if you do not have insurance search engine optimization experience, then find someone who does and do it right the first time. Your business will thank you for your smart choice.

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