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The Right SEO for Insurance Marketing Makes Success a Reality

December 19, 2011

You need a web presence that really stands out. To do insurance marketing online, you need the right blend of search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing skills to power your site.

There are some days when you wonder if you are making any progress toward your goal of being page one ranking. It does seem like an uphill battle, but you need to remember that nothing happens overnight on the Internet. It takes proper planning, the right kind of SEO work, a blend of content and plug-ins, a gift for using social media and time. In other words, you will not jump to page one in an hour, day, or week.

Now, what if you had a team of highly qualified SEO pros working in the background for you? What if they created great copy for you every month that promoted your name and business online? What if those services were reasonably priced, got quantifiable results over time, and your business received more customers? Bet you would be signing on the dotted line and excited to have your insurance website design geared up and ready to go.

Chances are you do not have enough hours in the day to even attempt to market your own insurance business. It is hard enough as it is to keep up with phone calls and walk-ins. One person just cannot do it on their own, unless they are backed up by a team of insurance search engine optimization specialists who know what works to increase traffic to your website. It is possible to find such a team. This team not only knows their stuff inside out, but can improve your insurance marketing efforts vastly.

Imagine fresh content added frequently, interesting blogs, articles with relevant information, and news releases that put your company in the position of being an expert in insurance marketing industry. A site like that can be yours by finding the right insurance search engine optimization company.

Why would you choose such a company? If the company co-founder worked in insurance marketing for more than 25 years, the company would have the inside scoop on how to make you look good, get more conversions and keep your insurance website updated. A company like this has helped agencies, solo agents, and insurance companies rev up their marketing and business development efforts. Once you have an established presence on the Internet, you get to sit back and do what needs to be done to run your insurance business.

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Next Generation Insurance Marketing is Easy With the Right SEO

December 5, 2011

Insurance marketing is tough, but it does not have to be if you have the right search engine optimization (SEO) skills powering the site.

Ideally, in a perfect Web environment an insurance website would be updated at least every second day with new articles, tips, a blog entry or two and valuable information about the business and perhaps a video or a podcast as well. If you had that kind of time on hand, you could likely do it yourself, but you have customers to tend to and an insurance business to run. So what is the best thing to do? Find the right search engine optimization company to help you with these tasks.

Start with a quality, classically designed insurance website that has all the latest plug-ins and social media functions to boost your online presence. Your site is a critical part of your business and you need to take advantage of every opportunity available to promote your insurance company. You like your site and want to beat the competition that seems to be ranking higher than you are. That can be done with skill, patience, and long-term planning with the right SEO company.

Once you have a professional team of insurance search engine optimization experts, get to work to increasing the traffic and name recognition of your site. It is the little things that count big when you want to do proper insurance marketing. The long-term results will make your insurance website a force to compete with in Google rankings. Just remember, website rankings do not increase overnight. It takes time – at least six months – to move up in the rankings in an ethical manner.

It is no secret that if you want your insurance marketing efforts to have results, then you need to have your business name out on the Internet and it must be consistently associated with quality information, good service and content that keeps people’s attention.

What you ultimately want is insurance search engine optimization that works effectively and gets you conversions when people visit your site. You need to have an insurance website design that speaks to people professionally and offers them precisely what they need – quotes, blogs, articles full of information they can use, and news releases that tell them about changes in the insurance industry and how those changes will affect them. In other words, you need to have quality insurance marketing going out consistently.

The right insurance search engine optimization company will do this for you. Get ready for the next generation of insurance websites.

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Insurance Web Content is Critical to Achieve Sales and High Ranking

November 21, 2011

Your business really needs a kick to get it launched into cyberspace, with a website that stands out. The whole idea of making your business stand out is all about the C word – yes, content. Good web content that tells your story like it is, with originality, brevity, humor and quality is critical.

Sound like that might be impossible? It’s not impossible. There are companies out there that can create specially tailored content just for your insurance website, and make ideas and your story, products and services come alive. This is what you need to capture your audience’s attention. And once that is achieved, potential customers make a buying decision based on what they have seen and read. While this may sound simple, it rarely is, but with the right company directing your search engine optimization campaign (SEO), your site will experience increased traffic and conversions.

While you may be wondering why the content on an insurance website needs to be descriptive and informative, it is because prospective customers need to know what is available for them. They need to find information that is relevant and useful; stuff that makes them come back to see what else is on the website and what products would suit them. We know this, because we have been in the insurance business for more than 25 years and certainly know a thing or two that would help your insurance marketing efforts.

A quality insurance website also has personal touches to inform visitors about the agent or broker behind the site. This is attraction marketing at its best, and lets people know who they are dealing with and what services and policies might suit them. This means that website content is key for visitors. Make the most of the opportunity, and offer visitors quality information that is easy to read and understand. The more people know about your insurance business, the more you tell them what you offer, the more information you share, the more people will ultimately decide you have what they need.

Look at it this way – if you landed on a website that made you yawn, would you remember it? Of course you would not. However, if you went to a site that made you laugh or told you something you did not know, you would recall it and likely pass it along to others.

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Achieve High Rankings in Google with the Right SEO Company

November 7, 2011

Want to hit the first page of Google? Then you need someone in your corner that knows what they are doing, and knows how to use search engine optimization (SEO) to get your company website there.

A skilled company will help you see appreciable results within a six-month time frame. It takes time to climb the ranks, so know that is just how the world of search engines works. When you put the proper SEO plan in place, things will start to happen – like seeing your insurance company on the first page of Google rankings.

Why is SEO so important? You have a product that will sell. Health insurance is a major necessity, even for those who are not insured. Now that may sound a bit like a mixed message, however what we mean is that health insurance is essential for everyone no matter what their insured status is because at some point in their lives they will need health insurance in some form or another.

Your insurance company wants to be right up there when people go looking for health insurance quotes. You want to be positioned correctly to entice people to visit your website, which is also optimized with all the SEO bells and whistles. Having the correct SEO strategy ensures your website is unique, stands out among the crowd, and makes people want to do business with you.

Why have your own personal insurance website? Here is the magic bullet in marketing – if people know who you are and get to understand what you offer through what you feature on your website, they are more inclined to buy health insurance from you. They will buy it from you as opposed to the generic big name websites, because they feel they know you. This is called relationship marketing (or attraction marketing).

It is that simple. If people feel that they know you and your own stylized, individual website is overseen by marketing professionals, the writing, design and SEO will all help your business. From here, your website stats go up nice and steady, eventually winning the race. Find a winning company that puts the time in for you and handles all the details, so that all you have to do is run your business.

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Drive More Traffic To Your Insurance Website

October 24, 2011

If you have an insurance website that is not aiding your business, think about how search engine optimization (SEO) can do more for your business.

Increase the design and search engine optimization components first. You might have a website, but if it is not doing anything productive for you, it is time to call an expert. You might think the website looks ok and try every now and then to devote time to it, but there never seems to be a difference. This is a problem. If your online presence and marketing is infrequent, not easy to navigate, or improperly optimized for the right keywords, you lose business. It is just that simple.

When people go online to search for insurance, they want to know that the policies and customer service you have are stellar. They want to know you have something that meets their needs, wants and is easy to buy. This means you need to have a great deal of pertinent information on your insurance website to tell people you know your business and they will benefit from it. Think about this for a minute.

If you had a personalized, unique insurance website that was carefully planned, with the right kind of SEO, relevant link backs, a lively blog, new articles every month about your area of expertise, and news releases that gave people even more information about insurance, what do you suppose would happen? If you said your site would get more visitors, you’d be right. Not only would you get more visitors, you should be able to convert them to buyers.

Conversions start with first-class service. If you offer that to your insurance website visitors in a variety of ways – your blog with information they need to know, your instant quotes, free and valuable advice, and rapid responses to questions – people will come back. Service is the buzzword of the 21st century and something many other businesses seem to have forgotten in tough economic times.

When it comes to SEO, you want a company that not only offers the latest designs personalized to you, but a company that uses social media marketing to boost your image on the Web. You want a current blog, useful tips and hints, entertaining articles that do not confuse visitors and a legitimate presence. With all of this, you will thrive on the Internet. That means you can get down to business and run your insurance agency while the SEO company makes your site continually be in the high rankings behind the scenes.

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Insurance Marketing Is Easy With the Right Search Engine Optimization

October 10, 2011

Running an insurance business is hard work. Managing your insurance website on your own is almost impossible without help.

What if you had a team of highly-qualified pros working in the background to make your insurance marketing a breeze? What if these pros created solid copy for you each and every month to promote your name and insurance business online? What if those services were reasonably priced and got quantifiable results? Get ready to sign on the dotted line and make your insurance website design do more for your business.

Realistically, there simply are not enough hours in the day to even attempt to market your own insurance website. It is tough enough trying to keep up with phone calls and walk-ins, never mind trying to learn what you need to do for insurance search engine optimization (SEO) and do it effectively. One person just cannot do it on their own unless they are backed by a team of insurance SEO specialists – specialists who know what works to increase traffic to your website.

It is possible to find such a team and hire them to make your insurance marketing a whole lot easier and more beneficial in the long run. This is a reality that can be obtained. There is a team of insurance SEO specialists who not only know online marketing, but can improve your insurance marketing website in no time because they have more than 25 years of working in the insurance industry.

Imagine your own insurance website that offers fresh content on a regular basis, interesting blogs with thought-provoking information, articles with useful information, and news releases that put your company in the position of being an expert on many areas of the insurance industry. A site like this that features interesting things for everyone who visits is very appealing, and it can be yours by finding the right insurance SEO company to team up with to ensure your insurance business is a success.

What is the best thing? With a team working on your website and using their skills in the background, you get to take the time to run your business without worrying about what is going on online with your insurance website. Sure you will want to keep tabs on the website’s progress, but generally speaking, when your team is taking care of your online presence, you are in good hands and the Google rankings will show that within the first few months.

You need a web presence that stands out. You need a professional insurance website and a firm that offers you everything from article writing to social media marketing and SEO strategies and blogging. Once you have a solid presence on the Internet, you get to sit back and do what needs to be done to run your insurance agency.

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SEO Optimized Insurance Websites Convert Traffic Quicker

September 22, 2011

If you want your insurance website traffic to increase and convert, take a long look at your website design. Is it all that it could be? Get a friend or an independent third party to go on it and use it like a customer would – you may be surprised by what they say. Their point of view will be valuable in helping you make your website user friendly and informative.

It has been proven many times that if you have an insurance website that is unique, clean, loads quickly, and is full of great information, people will visit it and convert. Clients want a website that has content with a personal touch, some humor, and great articles. People will then come back, convert, and even refer their family and friends.

While you may not think what your insurance website looks like makes any difference, the fact is the better it looks and the more user friendly it is, customers will stay on your site longer. Yes, insurance marketing is tough, but people still need insurance, if not even more so in this economy.

People are still buying and reviewing what they have for medical care coverage as well as home and auto insurance, long-term care insurance, and more. If they can find a professional insurance website that has more information on it than they ever knew they could find online, this is the start to a good customer relationship.

If you have an interactive quote function where people can get instant quotes, really good articles to explain what various insurance terms means and good content overall, you will not lack traffic. Put yourself in the shoes of a person searching for insurance online. What would you be looking for, and does your insurance website include that? If it does not, and you do not have the expertise to do something about it, find a reputable search engine optimization (SEO) firm with insurance marketing experience and find out what they can do for your business.

The last thing you want to happen is for your website to go down in the rankings because you did not know what to do when it came to search engine optimization. SEO is an art and skill, and done correctly, it will produce remarkable results. This is not overnight because it takes time for a website to make its way through the ranks in the right manner.

So what you need is a more robust insurance website, not a cookie cutter template idea that makes your business look like several thousand other sites on the Internet. You need cutting-edge SEO using the latest strategies, fresh content every month, news releases, a blog and social media tools. Then, you are headed in the right direction to go head-to-head with your competition.

When an insurance business needs to grow, you need experts in 2.0 web design, SEO, writing and social media marketing. With a skilled SEO company behind you, you can reach page one of Google over time.

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Increase Insurance Website Traffic With a Smart Design

September 8, 2011

We have likely all heard the phrase, “snap out of it”. This usually means hurry up, get done fast, and get your act together. For websites that are not gaining visitors and converting into clients, you had better snap out of it or suffer the consequences. Search engine optimization (SEO) has a big part to play in this whole process, so it is worth finding a company that can breathe life into your website and help to start converting traffic into buyers.

Insurance marketing these days is tough. After all, the insurance industry is not what you call stable or predictable. That means you need a marketing edge and several, well-balanced tools to get traffic on your site and get them to buy. Sounds easy, right? It can be as long as you have the right set of tools backing you up.

For instance, you need the right selection of keywords, chosen by an SEO company that knows the insurance business and understands the rigorous nuances of insurance marketing. You need a silent partner that knows what it takes to boost your insurance website to the top of the pack and keep it there over time. This involves a well-thought out process, planned with care and attention to the finer details of search engine optimization.

It involves keeping your website fresh, honest, packed with quality information, and an active blog with interesting material and other social media tools to keep you current and in touch with today’s customers. Customers will then convert after they see that the insurance website they are visiting offers them valuable information. Conversions start with first class service, which many other businesses seem to have forgotten. For the right way to optimize your site all the time, find an SEO company with specialists that know your business and can create a strategic plan suited to your needs.

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Insurance Companies Can Take their Company to New Heights with a Solid SEO Strategy

August 18, 2011

The best way to keep your insurance website updated and relevant is to work on it daily. Most people do not have the time needed to focus on this. The normal demands of the office, client interactions, and customer service can take up enough time as it is. Your insurance company will be better off hiring a top-notch search engine optimization company with insurance experience to accelerate this side of your business.

Once you have your insurance marketing in an expert’s hands, you can breathe a sigh of relief and excel at what you do in business. This way you are thinking smarter, not harder, while the search engine optimization company makes your insurance website climb to page one rankings.

Let’s face it. If you had all the time in the world to do your marketing every day, and post articles, blog, do social networking and write news releases – everything has to be relevant and current too – you would be hard pressed to still be there for your customers. You can only spread yourself so thin before something gives.

Experienced SEO companies understand what the Web 2.0 requirements are, understand plugins and add-ons and have expertise in design. A search engine optimization company that has insurance experience does exist. has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. They know what to do to increase your SEO, how to do it for a great value, and how to market your site to gain new visitors. That kind of experience is priceless. Their SEO strategies use compelling information to attract buyers, update your website for 2.0 standards, do the blogging, create articles and news releases, and become a vital extension of your staff. Your new Internet presence will allow you to concentrate on running your insurance agency, and isn’t that what it is all about?

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SEO Helps Insurance Companies Make their Websites Attract and Retain Clients

August 4, 2011

Your insurance company needs search engine optimization, also known as SEO, before it is too late. Maybe your insurance website is optimized; but chances are it isn’t, and you have probably noticed that you do not have as many visitors as you once did. In fact, take a look at your design and content – is it dull or has not been updated in months? This could also be why hardly anyone visits and even fewer people actually convert to an insurance buyer with your company.

When you have a website, it does not mean that search engines are automatically seeing it. This could be for a number of reasons, but more often than not, it is because you did not make the effort to have your insurance website optimized. If you are putting in long hours making your website functional for what you think is a must, but do not have the right keywords and content, your site will not get the right traffic. It is just that simple.

Insurance marketing is a full-time job. You need to make each website visitor take action on the information on your website – even if this means they like you with a Facebook link or leave a comment that spurs their family and friends to take a look at the company’s site. The site needs to be designed to attract what visitors want, not what you might think is priority number one. Being an ultimate resource that tells the viewer who you are, what you offer, and imparts information for use right away will make a big impact on your website’s ranking. The company must also have a quote function on your home page that people can use immediately to find out what an insurance policy will cost them. The longer you keep a visitor on your site, the better.

Search engine optimization utilizes keywords and relevance to rate your site in Google and other search engines. SEO also incorporates blogging, social media, a schedule of routine articles and news releases, and tracks a site’s click through rates, bounce rates and conversion rates. Confused? No worries – this is what an experienced SEO company can do for you. A SEO company specializes in steadily increasing your site’s rankings and staying power. They are experts at creating and maintaining websites the right way.

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