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Give Insurance Customers What They Want Fast

December 20, 2010

If you don’t have the capability to provide customers with insurance quotes, you may be your own worst enemy when it comes to insurance marketing.

Have you looked at your insurance marketing website today and asked yourself whether or not you are quote worthy? Not quotable, but quote worthy, meaning does your insurance website offer customers what they want, when they want it and as fast as they want it?

Is your insurance website interactive, offering your visitors ready to quote insurance rates with a few clicks of the mouse? Does the quote capability of your insurance website offer surfers at least three quotes? If you said no to both of those questions, it’s not hard to offer this feature on your website and it would be beneficial to you to look into that. After all, consumers these days absolutely insist on having access to as much information as they can find before they make a purchasing decision.

Is your insurance marketing website clean, crisp, clear, easy to load, zingy and alive with information? Are you and your philosophies front and center on the site? Does your insurance Web design pack a punch that delivers a clear and understandable message to your existing and potential customers? Give that one some thought and if you answer no to that question, and you need to be honest with yourself, then you might want to spiff your site up and drive more traffic to your website.

Insurance Web design, even if you have an existing website, is something that is done in partnership with you and with an eye to having the site insurance search engine optimized. If the site isn’t optimized, it simply doesn’t perform well in search engine results. That means it will cost you business if your website does not perform.

It’s best to hire out your insurance search engine optimization to a company that knows first had what goes into designing an insurance website and ultimately, how to market it the right way to get slow and steady rankings over a period of time. You need a company that does insurance agency marketing every day of the week.

You want your business to get the online attention it so richly deserves. Our insurance Web design is specifically tailored to Web 2.0 specifications offers active, lively websites, unique to you. We don’t do cookie cutter templates. We offer original ideas, original writing, original blog material and original social media marketing. You can’t beat that anywhere.

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Live Large When Insurance Marketing

December 14, 2010

You want the whole she-bang when it comes to insurance marketing; the brass ring of websites that makes your business attractive to Web surfers.

If you thought you had enough hours in the day to do due diligence to your insurance marketing, you would probably be doing that right now, instead of reading this article. The thing that stymies most people who attempt to do their own website marketing is that they don’t know what is unique about their insurance business. They don’t feel comfortable tooting their own horn about what they offer.

Well, in order to get the traffic you want to you website and to convert it to customers, you have to live large, bold, bright and brilliant. In other words, you have to toot your horn to get people’s attention or they won’t know you are there and won’t stop by your site. That means your insurance marketing isn’t working for you, because it is costing you business.

Today’s Internet milieu is busy and decidedly different than it used to be when it was first launched. Gone are the basic html sites that were the basics in a pinch kind of approach. Gone are the days when people found it hard to contact you. Now, just about everything you do on the Internet is socialized for the Web 2.0 environment. That means you have to adapt or lose out on a superb chance to market insurance to those in your niche.

That old saying, “Think outside the box to get anywhere,” is particularly apt for today’s websites and the approach to any kind of health insurance marketing website. It needs something different to attract visitors. It needs the right keywords; keywords that slowly build you a reputation for delivering the goods and the service.

Just remember, getting to page one of Google does not happen overnight. You’re in for the long haul when you want to sell health insurance the right way on the Internet. The flash and dash of some sites may well shoot them to the top ranking, but they won’t stay there, because they used black hat methods.

You need an ethical company that plays by the rules and only does white hat work; good, solid, reliable and fair work that reflects best on you and your insurance marketing business. Do NOT settle for anything less. After all, it’s your business, your investment in your future and your reputation on the line. You want the best to make you the best. You need is an insurance website that reflects who you are and tells people about your passions, your mission and your goals, and your unique selling points.

To live large you need: link backs, a current blog, frequent news releases, lively and interesting articles about your business and a site that is properly optimized for the search engines. That’s asking a lot, but when you find that company, you will be worth your weight in gold when the results are in for your insurance marketing website.

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