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Website Insurance Quotes Need to Be Right in Front of Your Visitors

October 31, 2010

These days, visitors to your insurance website want health insurance quotes in a blazing hurry. If they don’t get them, they tend to go elsewhere.

Since you’re in business to sell insurance, you want people to not only come to your website, but stay, look around awhile, and then buy a product. That is what having an online insurance marketing presence is all about. Once the visitors are there, you want them to stay. If you have what they want and can offer it right away, they remember you for that. So, if you have an interactive website that is able to offer at least three quotes at once, you’ve helped someone do comparison shopping and saved them some time.

It’s a fact that these days if someone knows they need insurance and has made up their mind to go online shopping, that they want lots of information before they make a purchasing decision. If your website offers the quote comparisons plus a lot of other interesting information people need to know, you have a potential buyer or convert.

Sure, people start by hunting for quotes, simply because they have budgets to adhere to and can’t spend big bucks. But, quotes aren’t the only things that keep a surfer on your site. If you have information on there that is fresh, interesting, has a twist to it, applies to their situation, is something new they didn’t know about or is the latest information in the insurance business, they will want to read about it.

Put yourself in the shoes of an online website surfer who is hunting for insurance quotes and wants to know a ton of information about insurance and what it will do for them. What would “you” want to see and know? Put another way, the people that come to your website are looking for some guidance in shelling out cash on insurance. If you give them what they want and deliver it promptly, you have the winning edge.

This means you want your message to be loud and clear, seen and heard in a way that visitors will remember your site. This doesn’t mean you use neon colors, tacky looped videos of you explaining insurance, looped music on each page or even flashing text. Those are the very things people click away from. If you want it done right the first time, find a company that knows insurance inside out and has search engine optimization experience. This is a winning combo for “you.”

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Liven up your insurance website presence and nab more traffic

October 30, 2010

If you have an insurance website that isn’t doing anything, think search engine optimization.

While you may very well have a professional insurance website, it might also be just there not doing anything and not bringing you any business. You think it looks OK and try to do something with it now and then, but it never seems to really make much difference. Therein lies the problem. If your online presence isn’t lively, active, easy to navigate, constantly changing and properly optimized for the right keywords, you lose business. It’s just that simple.

When people go online to search for insurance, they want to know that the goods (insurance policies) and services (customer service) you have are stellar. They want to know you have something that meets their needs, something that they want and something that they will buy. That means you need to have a great deal of pertinent information on your insurance website to tell people that you mean business, you know your business and they will benefit from your business. Think about that for just one second.

If you had a personalized, unique, suited-to-you website that was carefully planned, had the right kind of search engine optimization (SEO), relevant link backs, a lively blog, fresh new articles every month about your area of expertise and news releases that gave people even more information about insurance, what do you suppose would happen? If you said your site would get more visitors, you’d be right. Not only would you get more visitors, you should be able to convert them to buyers.

Conversions start with first class service. If you offer that to your website visitors in a variety of ways – a blog with information they need to know, instant quotes, your free and valuable advice and open availability – people will come back. Service is the watchword of the 21st century, something many other businesses seem to have forgotten in tough economic times.

When it comes to SEO, you want a company that not only offers hot designs, personalized to you, but a company that uses social media marketing to boost your image out on the Web. You want a current blog, useful tips and hints, entertaining articles that don’t confuse visitors and a real “people presence.” Have all that and you will thrive on the Internet. That means you can get down to business and run your insurance agency, while the SEO company does its thing behind the scenes, making you look good.

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Quality SEO Rankings take some time

October 21, 2010

If you plan to get on the first page of Google, you need patience and a search engine optimization company that knows its stuff.

Patience is a good thing to have when you are aiming to get on the first page of Google’s search engine results. In fact, fast results and search engine optimization (SEO) shouldn’t really be in the same sentence. Why? Because if SEO is done properly and ethically, your insurance company website will slowly make its way to page one and then likely stay there.

It takes time to do SEO the proper way. If it’s done the black hat way, you get just about instant results and an instant crash and loss of position a few days later. Slow and easy the white hat way, done with ethics in mind and your long-term stability rankings-wise, is what you need. Don’t expect overnight results, because in the final analysis, you won’t have those results long enough to enjoy them.

Why is SEO so important to your insurance business? Because insurance is a major necessity today and even if a person don’t have it now, he or she will need it in the very near future. With the advent of health care reform, it will become mandatory for everyone to have some form of health insurance. It’s best to start looking for that insurance now, while prices are fairly competitive. You can find the best competitive prices online at an in-the-know, savvy, people-friendly insurance company website – a website that knows what you want and has it right there for you to search.

If you’re running an insurance business, you want to be in the right position to offer your surfers what they want. They want bells and whistles, information, prices and the ability to be able to contact you immediately after for free instant quotes. The hits you get on your website are potential customers, and you want to covert them to insurance policy buyers.

To accomplish that, you need an SEO firm that makes your insurance website unique and inspires people to do business with you. You also want people to know the person behind the website, the real insurance agent with valuable and free information to help them select what they need. When people feel they know you, it makes you and your business real to online buyers, and more people will be willing to do business with you. It’s the key secret in relationship marketing.

It’s fairly straightforward. If people feel they know the agent behind the site and you have a style that offers them what they want, they will stick with your insurance company. With the right SEO firm, you get superior website design, completely new articles every month, clever and strategic marketing and the slow increase in your rankings – meaning you are on your way to be on the first page of Google. All you have to do is run your insurance business and let the SEO firm handle the behind the scenes stuff.

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