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Insurance Marketing Tactics That Honestly Work

July 15, 2010

If you want to stand out in the milieu of insurance marketing websites on the Internet, you have to be “different.”

We don’t mean different in the sense that you have a neon motif for your site or it looks like something a youngster would put together for their first site. We mean different in the sense that your website is the latest, hottest and most up-to-date design that conforms to Web 2.0 requirements. Insurance search engine optimization is changing fast, and he who hesitates usually gets stuck doing things the “old way.”

This isn’t to say that the “old way” of doing things won’t get you traffic; it just won’t get you the “same” kind of traffic you’d get by having your insurance website professionally designed with the right stuff. So, really, to be truly unique and one of a kind, you have to have some really great stuff going for you; something that makes your site stand out and makes people want to come back to it and yes, buy something.

Nodding your head right about now? That makes sense, because in today’s online world, selling health insurance is rough and tumble, which means you need a leg up to be “the site with some great stuff on it.” That little extra edge that will make your site slowly and consistently work its way up in the rankings on Google. Slow and steady wins the race and gives you staying power, so don’t be in a hurry to get where you are going. Take the time to do it right the first time.

To do it right the first time, you need a company that will create a website persona for you that gives you that extra “oomph” and credibility. You want reliability, dedication and a presence that tells people “you” really know your stuff. After all, insurance marketing is as much about the person behind the website as it is about the products. This means you need to talk directly to the people who would buy what you’re selling –mention things like reasonable health insurance, how to choose what plan best suits different people, what preferred status means and so on.

Having said that, what you would also want is to work with a search engine optimization company that captures the true essence of “you” in your insurance website design. If people know who you are and trust you, they will buy from you. It’s just that simple.

So, if you have an insurance website with personality, fresh content (yes, content is still king), up to the minute blog articles, regular news releases about your area of expertise, and an insurance search engine optimization company in the background masterminding your climb to success – you’ve got the world by the tail. You also have the time to tend your online and/or brick and mortar store without worrying about what’s going on with your online website. Sweet! Don’t wait another minute to jump start your insurance website.

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