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Full Service Is the Key for Your Insurance SEO Company

May 15, 2010

You know that it takes a whole lot of your time every day to just keep your insurance business alive and well and running like clockwork. Who really has the time to stop and start working on search engine optimization stuff for your website? You may have some time on a break or at lunch time, but let’s face it, that is isn’t “enough” time to do the kind of job you need to do to keep your site up-close and personal to thousands of potential customers.

To make your insurance website take on a life of its own and net you the traffic and customers you would like to see, you need to spend just about every day adding new content; tweaking things to make them look clean and professional; and writing fresh and interesting content to keep people interested. You’re wondering right about now where on earth you will find that kind of time during the day – heck – during the month, to keep up with the demands of running a viable and busy website.

Your first answer is likely that you just don’t have that kind of time. Honest answer and one that actually does have an alternative solution. Which is? The perfect answer is having your very own insurance search engine optimization team working in the background to keep your website ticking along so that you can run your business without worrying about your online presence.

The facts are that insurance websites really need to have a certain design and presence to them that will attract a higher number of visitors that actually buy, or in the jargon of the industry, convert. In short, what you need is a tailored website design for surfers and a site that tells the whole world who you are. In other words, the face – the person behind the website.

This is important because if people get to know you, understand you and trust you, then they will buy from you. This is why social media marketing is so vitally important on today’s anonymous WWW cyber highway; it makes the impersonal, personal and in doing that, has the potential to boost sales.

Optimizing your insurance website will increase your Google rankings. This isn’t to say it will happen overnight, because it doesn’t. You want a nice, slow build to a holding crescendo to get to your spot on the first page of Google. No one can guarantee you a number one spot on the first page, and if they do, run for the hills.

If your search engine optimization company does their wizardry behind the scenes and makes your site start to climb in the rankings, this is a good thing. However, they should also be doing something else for you, and that is promote your insurance website much like a PR firm does. Pardon me? Yes, promote you. It’s all a part of the package. You don’t just get the search engine optimization part of the deal, you get social media networking, articles every month linked back to your site, news releases using your name and business and blogs.

Just think about that for a minute. Blogs, social marketing, new articles monthly, new news releases monthly and a clean and professional website and – wow – you’re looking really good. Yes, this is hard work and mostly the reason many insurance agents just don’t have the time to deal with their website. Leave that to the SEO company, it’s what they do best.

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What Does $3,000 a month get you in the Yellow Pages?

May 3, 2010

Agencies have started asking that very question. It appears that one of the oldest paradigms in insurance marketing has been shattered. For years Agency owners have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars supporting the phone companies and their marketing allies who publish Yellow Pages and other directories.

Insurance marketing gurus have always advised agents to post a large ad in the local Yellow Pages and just wait for the phone to ring. Seems solid, right? Well that was a great strategy in the 1980’s and early 90’s. Now, it could be a costly mistake.

Many agents, still not knowing what to do month after month have paid up to $20,000 a month and have seen their returns dwindle. That is why many are turning to the internet through’s more effective and more affordable online marketing solutions.

Honestly, when was the last time you yourself used the Yellow Pages to buy something? You need a STRONG web presence with a persistent and consistent ongoing effort to rank high in search terms that people are using to buy insurance.

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Insurance Quotes on a Website Vital for Immediacy

May 1, 2010

If you want to get and keep consumers who are surfing the Internet for insurance quotes, then you need to have something front and center for them to get those quotes immediately. In this day and age of everyone wanting more information faster, having the ability to offer instant quotes will give your insurance website a big boost.

You have chosen to go the smart route and offer your website visitors access to at least three quotes at once. Three is a good number for a variety of reasons: it offers enough of a comparison for people to get a good idea of what they need to know, and it isn’t confusing. Really, what surfers are looking for is enough salient information to let them understand what you offer, and what it will mean to them if they buy from you.

If you don’t give them information when they land on your insurance website, then you take the chance of losing them when they click away to another site that does have what they need. Do you have time to offer that kind of feature on your website, optimize the site to attract traffic and redo it so that it is clean, professional and easy to navigate, and deal with clients and phone calls? Chances are the answer to that question is a resounding, “No.”

Keep in mind that it’s not “just” quotes that people want when they visit your site. Sure, it is one of the “top” items on their mind, but they still want to see something overall that impresses them about your site. They want interesting information, guidelines for buying insurance, a blog that has material in it that applies to them, and a personal message from you that tells them they are welcome and may ask any questions they want.

In other words, they need to feel like your insurance website is a home-away-from-home and that you are interested in their welfare and will help them choose what they need in terms of insurance. To deliver that kind of a message, you want to partner with a search engine optimization company who knows what they are doing, largely because they too have experience in insurance agency marketing experience.

You want an insurance marketing company that does search engine optimization work every day of the week, has great ideas, a super design department, ace writers who know their job and social media marketing to make your blog sing. Well, OK, not sing, but certainly stand out above others.

You will want your search engine optimization company to offer you nifty ideas, create an insurance website that looks really striking, draws traffic, uses the latest in Web 2.0 specs and makes sure you get fresh content on a regular basis. They need to offer you good ideas, populate the Web with items that relate to you and your business and in general, know what they’re doing so you can run your business knowing the search engine optimization is doing its job while you deal with clients. It’s the best of both worlds.

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