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This Year’s Insurance Marketing Strategy

January 18, 2010

We frequently talk about the benefits of having an insurance website that can work with your offline insurance marketing efforts. These benefits included building credibility by showing case examples and client testimonials things that cannot be done on a billboard.

But the most important value of a website is its ability to work as the center of your online insurance marketing strategy.

Two things have to happen to make a website successful. Number one, when someone types in your region and insurance type, your website needs to be on the first page of the search results. This is achieved with article publishing, inbound links, social networking, and blogging. With a little time investment, hard work from your SEO company, and a consistent number of new inbound links pointing to your website from other websites, your website should be easy to find by prospective clients.

So now that the insurance website is found on the search engine, it’s time to convert that visitor into a contact. Websites that are old, aesthetically unattractive, and not formatted to be user-friendly will experience a much lower conversion rate regardless of where they are ranked on the first page of search engine results.

But of course it all starts with being found in the search engines.

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The New Insurance Marketing Plan for the New Year

January 8, 2010

The beginning of the year is a time when many insurance agencies and companies are planning their annual insurance marketing strategy. Getting new policies is, of course, what will determine this year’s success.

Companies or agencies of all must decide whether or not to continue old insurance marketing practices that are offering limited returns or to pursue newer marketing avenues like search engine optimization and online insurance marketing.

In comparing online media with traditional media we will start with the insurance website. The website holds a unique power in that it can be a stand-alone marketing strategy as well as a complimentary piece to your offline insurance marketing. For example, a billboard with your website address on it could prove to convert a passersby to a new client, who would have otherwise ignored your phone number.

Another example of an insurance website working as a complimentary piece of your offline marketing is with television, radio or print. Your company could publish free information pieces then advertise those pieces on your radio, television or print advertisements to encourage viewers and listeners to visit your website.

An insurance website can do what an advertisement cannot and that is build confidence with the prospective client. It is on a website that your company or agency can prove to the prospective policy holder that you have exactly what they need in a no-pressure environment.

Where drive by and print media force you to consolidate your message into a few words, your insurance website gives you the ability to expound upon your knowledge, host frequently updated blog entries, user instigated videos, and other details to encourage a user to contact your insurance company or agency.

Next week we will talk about what to expect with the second part of your insurance marketing strategy, the search engine optimization.

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