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A New Insurance Website for the New Year

December 7, 2009

To improve your insurance website’s ranking and to get the most out of your online insurance marketing investment for the upcoming year, you may need a new website design; or possibly, not just a new website but an entire new brand.

Branding is crucial for any business and the insurance industry is no different. Multiple case studies show that utilizing a branding effort will convert better across all advertising medias because a strong brand gives the target client base an image to remember. By building a professional website and strong brand, you set your insurance business above the competition and help your image stand out to your target client base.

When a person or company is in need of coverage, they are bombarded with websites, billboards and logos of other insurance agencies and companies. If you want your agency or company to really stand out, a generic logo and template website will not achieve this goal.

Branding your agency/company will increase the success of your online insurance marketing strategy; whether it’s search engine optimization and online marketing, billboard advertising, television or print media. People remember imagery more clearly than words.

Lay down the foundation for a successful 2010 by improving your website, improving your brand, and improving your search engine ranking.

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