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Insurance Directories or Search Engine Optimization for Insurance Marketing

July 27, 2009

Many insurance marketing companies like to offer enhanced listings in directories. Others prefer to focus on search engine optimization. The question is, which one is better?

Insurance directories do provide a useful service when it comes to driving traffic to your website. However, if an insurance marketing company is ONLY providing a directory link, your ranking is not likely to improve in Google or other search engines.

The process of search engine optimization consists of your onsite presentation and use of keyphrases, and the number of third party websites linking back to your insurance website. Just one directory listing will not achieve that as you need multiple links to your website to enhance your ranking.

Does this mean you shouldn’t use directories?

Not at all. What this means is you should use both. Directories are a good traffic source and generally, a directory is a powerful inbound link for your website; so they are good to have. However, you also need search engine optimization and a monthly process in which multiple inbound links from multiple sources are being created for your insurance website.

It’s also important to make sure your insurance marketing company clarifies exactly how they are getting links for your website. If your contract only states “link building,” then they are probably just plugging you into some of their internally owned websites.

Always get a detailed outline of what is being done for your website’s onsite search engine optimization and inbound link building because ultimately (according to Google), you are responsible for what gets done to improve your ranking.

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Insurance Marketing Meets Simplicity

July 20, 2009

An exciting part of what we do is designing new websites and re-branding insurance agencies and companies. It’s a lot of fun. It’s in this area of insurance marketing that we get to be the most creative as we strive to exceed what we’ve done in the past.

In our Tampa office, we have a constant arm wrestling tournament between the designers and the search engine optimization and writing team. The designers want clean designs, a few crisp images, and “Apple like” simplicity. The search engine optimization group is also a big fan of simplicity, but not so much with images; they want text.

The result is always a clean design with adequate room for plain text to be optimized, though text placement is something done by the designers with an almost querulous tone. Ultimately both sides are pleased and the client is always happy with the end product.

Does it have to be a battle between the designers and word warriors? Not really because people and search engines both want to see the same thing. When you are searching for something, you want easy-to-read text on a white background. You want a navigation menu that is direct and to the point. You also don’t want to interpret clever slogans.

Clever slogans? That’s our next stop on the simplicity highway.

We were talking to a semi-competitor that specializes in imagination. They’re a consulting group that helps companies come up with completely out-of-the-box methods of getting the word out regarding their products and services. They could not figure out why they were getting so much traffic, yet very few contact requests.

When a visitor would land on their well-designed website, they would see a lot of information, examples, and everything was pretty much in line with web layout and design standards. However, rather than having an intuitive button that said, “Get a Quote” or “Contact Us,” they had a button that read “Imagine!”

Clearly, people going to their website were not in the mood to learn somebody’s corporate culture lingo, so visitors interested in getting a quote were even less interested in using their imagination.

The moral of this week’s article is that simplicity can work for everybody. Branding can play nicely with design. Designers and search engine optimization specialists can work together to present SEO friendly text in the center of a crisp website, and the end user can clearly navigate the website to discover the exact information for which they are looking.

That translates into a professional image for your business and, most importantly, new insurance policies for your agency or company.

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Can Your Insurance Agency Afford a High Google Ranking?

July 13, 2009

A major concern of insurance agencies and company is whether or not they will see a return on their search engine optimization. For smaller agencies, an even bigger concern is whether they can afford search engine optimization at all.

Since last year’s economic downturn, traditional advertising has experienced a steep decline. Radio, television and print advertising are slowing sectors of marketing; however, online insurance marketing is on the rise even with less than favorable economic conditions.

Why are so many insurance agencies and companies turning to online marketing? It is more affordable than traditional marketing; plus, you can track conversion of an online insurance marketing campaign in ways that traditional marketing cannot be monitored.

With a search engine marketing campaign, you can see how many visitors the effort is yielding. Through tracking contact forms, you can also monitor conversion.

How much does search engine optimization cost?

The amount of work needed to achieve a page one ranking on Google is determined by the competitive nature of your keyphrases; thus, the cost will vary. However, in most cases search engine marketing costs much less than advertising in your local Yellow Pages and yields a much greater return.

The best way to see if search engine optimization is a viable addition to your online insurance marketing effort is to get a quote.

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