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Consistency Causes Consistent Search Engine Marketing Success

January 23, 2009

You know that room in your house that doesn’t have carpet? The muscle car in the garage that will never be a hotrod? Or the patch of dirt and weeds in your backyard that was supposed to be a garden?

Taking on your own insurance marketing and search engine optimization will probably yield the same results.

By now, most people know what is involved in search engine optimization. Include keyphrases and build links. Anybody truly interested in learning the details can easily access useful information. But when it comes to link building, consistency is key.

The number of links to your website needs to always be growing, and that takes content. Content such as articles, press releases, blog postings, etc, is the best way to build one-way links to your website. However, these pieces of content need to be written, distributed, and linked to your site on a regular basis. A couple of pieces here then another couple of postings two months from now will yield little more than an abandoned home project.

The value of a search engine marketing company is not in that the search engine optimization possesses some secret. The value is in having a team of people dedicated to the consistency of your campaign.

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Reaching the Top of Google for Your Agency’s Web Site

January 2, 2009

Most insurance agencies write policies in particular regions across the country which means you must appear for those related terms. For example, a health insurance agency in South Carolina would not benefit from someone in Oregon searching for a general phrase like “health insurance”. Thus, in that case, it would be necessary to be on the page one of Google for the term “South Carolina health insurance” or “SC health insurance”.

With a few thousand searches a month for that particular term, being on the first page of Google would be a great benefit to the agency. But how do you get there?

Search engines are looking for content and you must include your regional statement in the content of your web site. Your regional statement (in this case) would NOT be “My name is Joe Insurance and I’ve been writing insurance for 20 years”. The correct search engine optimized statement to go at the top of your web site would be “South Carolina health insurance agent, Joe Insurance, has been helping the people of South Carolina get affordable health insurance for 20 years.”

In the second statement, you are telling Google and Yahoo that your web site is relevant to the keyphrase “South Carolina health insurance”. This must stay consistent throughout your web site. Once the content of your site is relevant to your keyphrase, then its time for the link building.

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SEO Verses Print Media for Insurance Agencies

When allocating marketing resources for your insurance agency, you may find it difficult to determine which avenues are going to provide the most exposure and ultimately, give your agency for policies.

Traditionally, agencies have used billboards, newspapers, phone books, television and direct mail/postcards to attract new clients. Yellow page ads, billboards, newspapers, and television all boast large numbers, viewers, and seem to be the best way to entice people to call to see if you can beat their current quote. But not anymore.

Search engines are unique in that they only attract interested individuals and business. Over 75% of the people that watch your television ad, drive past your billboard, or see your ad in the phone book will not call. However, the value of those ads are based on a cost per impression. So you are actually paying top dollar for the 75% (often greater) that will ignore your ad.

Online, things are different. If someone is in need of auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, health insurance, and so on, the percentage that goes to Google first, is growing every year. If somebody is looking for insurance in your area, they are a serious lead.

Unless you engage in pay per click marketing, which for insurance can cost as much as $35 a click (not per lead, but per click on your add), search engine marketing is extremely affordable. Organic search engine optimization, the service we provide, means your web site can appear on the first page of Google under the natural search results. This involves a set list of services, and a monthly fee that is set in stone, and a cost that is less than print, billboards, television, and radio.

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An Easy Way to Get More Insurance Quotes from the Web

Sometimes, we go over detailed ideas about how you can change the content of your web site to be better search engine optimized. Or, increase links to your web site. But what about conversion?

Conversion is what keeps your search engine optimization company (hopefully us) employed and solvent. While anybody can get traffic, its getting targeted traffic that increases conversion which will keep you happy with your SEO company.

So, what is the easiest way to increase the number of insurance quotes you get from your web site? A conspicuous “get a quote” button. Really, its that easy.

Sounds easy enough but most insurance web sites don’t have such a thing. Many include their “get a quote” button with their regular menu. The quote form should be the most obvious item to go to on your web site.

It should be located at the top, middle, and included in the main menu.  If it will fit in your web sites design, you should take it a step further by including a short contact form at the bottom of each page. If you are transferring sensitive data such as social security numbers or driver’s license numbers used for quoting, you should only have those forms on a secured server.

Ask your webmaster or SEO to put a big bold link or graphic that says “Get a Quote” and see how that improves your visitor conversion.

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Why You Are Not Writing More Policies

As you know, owning an insurance agency opens up potential to make a lot of money, especially over time as policies renew. But the key to next year’s success is in what you’re doing right now. More people and businesses turn to the internet for insurance, now, than ever before. You might have been sold a web site for a cheap price and pay a few bucks a month to host it… and that’s one of the reasons why you are not making any money off of it.

Your web site can’t just exist, it has to be marketed. And to market it correctly, you have to pay for time intensive labor. That’s not to say you have to pay thousands of dollars a month, but realistically, a couple hundred bucks is not that expensive when it comes to bringing in new policies. Especially, if a search engine optimization company is offering a page one Google ranking with a money back guarantee.

So if you want to do next year’s bottom line a favor, you can work with a team of online marketing professionals that offer an affordable price, a quality service, and offers a guarantee. Just like minimum car insurance is still insurance, the minimum existence of your insurance agency’s web site is still a web site. However, neither of the two will benefit you when you need them to.

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Search Engine Optimizing Insurance with Advice

When optimizing your insurance web site, it is important to remember that the one thing that brings in the traffic is information. As Google reads your web site and determines your ranking, they have your textual content to use as a guide for establishing your appropriate ranking.

As more and more consumers and businesses start their insurance shopping online, its important for you to position your agency as an online resource. If someone is seeking information and you have that information, they are more likely to request a quote from your agency. With that in mind, it is very important to have online quote requesting available on your web site.

Nobody likes to be confused. By offering clear advice and explanations of terms on your web site, you can help your prospective policy holders gain a basic level of understand which will make them comfortable in their insurance purchase. Aside from those very important points, giving information also positions you and your agency as an expert in your field.

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Insurance Marketing by Education

Everybody needs insurance but hardly anybody understands it. By having an insurance agency, you have the luxury of offering products that everybody needs. The way to leverage that is by educating your users.

On your insurance agency’s web site, you should utilize a blog and a frequently asked questions/knowledge base. This will add a great amount of relevant content to your web site and at the same time, keep visitors on the site. People that are searching for a policy are more likely to call the agency that informed them on what they were wanting to know.

By having a blog on your web site, your receptionist and agents can add short entries to answer questions as they come up on the phone or in meetings.

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Getting More Leads out of Insurance Marketing

Leads and policies are the reason why you have a web site or need a web site for your insurance agency. The best way to maximize the number of leads you get onto your web site is start an insurance search engine optimization campaign. Clearly, the more targeted visitors you get, the greater the odds of getting leads and doing more quotes.

It’s also important to have your quote request easily accessible on every page of your site. For example, instead of just having an auto insurance information page and an auto insurance quote page, offer a short contact form on the auto insurance information page and give the user the option of filling out a detailed auto insurance quote on the quote page.

You should also be sure to have your quote pages secured if you are collecting sensitive information like health records, driver’s licenses, or social security numbers.

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