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Press Releases

Press release marketing is a powerful tool and one that all businesses, regardless of their size, should have in their marketing arsenal. A news release is also referred to as a press release or media release. The main reason it is referred to as a news release, and not a press release, is because the media comes in many forms and includes radio and television, not just print.

Typically speaking, an insurance press release is a condensed article that focuses on interesting, newsworthy events relating to a company or organization. Used correctly, this is a very powerful tool to promote an insurance business. No matter how big or small your business may be, it still needs publicity to stay on the public’s radar. Ideally the news release should only be one page and sent to editors that cover your area of expertise. Make sure your contact information is included and when the news outlet is interested in the release, they will call you.

Use a catchy headline that sums up the contents of the news release and actually relates to the contents. Be as creative as you can, as editors tend to skim headlines due to the volume of releases they get. Just make sure your headline is relevant to the content. The main part of the content needs to reflect how you are different from the competition, highlight news in your industry, or include a relevant survey about insurance or new developments that will affect your customers. You do not want a news release that is really an advertisement or it will not get picked up.

There are a number of formatting issues you need to consider as well. Many companies do not have the time or the skills to write and market news releases. That is where Ready to Quote comes into play. We have more than 25 years in the insurance industry and not only understand what you need but how to do it the right way for your business.

We also specialize in search engine optimization for not just your website, but include these strategies in articles, blogs, videos and even news releases. News releases and other marketing materials need to be optimized for search engines with your insurance keywords to improve your page ranking via Google. We handle the whole process for you and that includes online marketing of your news releases. We are here to make your news release marketing easier, so give us a call today.

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