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Kiosk – Start expanding. Start quoting.

Nusurance is covering the south without opening one new office with their centrally controlled kiosks.

Whether you are new in the insurance business or you have been around for a while you have seen insurance marketing change. The Independent agency system is under fire and many have no idea where to go. But we do. The answer is your agency everywhere.

Obviously you must expand your marketing and policy delivery system, it takes money to open that branch office that you know you must open to take advantage of new lucrative markets. The cost of rent, equipment and staffing can be avoid by using a Kiosk from


Readytoquote kiosks offer:

  • A new Brand
  • Kiosks to deploy to new markets
  • A platform to do business through the Kiosks
  • Training, to teach your staff to work online

We can help you! Kiosk construction is available NOW!

Develop your new Brand – Custom made Kiosks that show off your new brand will allow you to operate all the kiosks from ONE LOCATION.

Contact us now at 1.800.504.8593.

*Not available in Florida or Georgia