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Article Writing

When our team writes articles, your team writes more policies.

Article writing is not something that everyone wants to do or even has the time to do. However, content for your website, blog, social media submissions, articles and news releases needs to be done on a frequent basis to keep your insurance website relevant. Relevancy typically applies to the strategic use of search engine optimization in the content with the use of targeted keywords.

Quality content means more online visitors will stay on your insurance website. This translates to higher revenues and conversions. Your online copy needs to inform the visitor about your services and products while it promotes the company’s overall brand. The content needs to be engaging to keep the visitor on your website in order to increase the chances of conversion.

The content produced for online insurance websites must use keywords in clever, relevant ways so that visitors do not have the impression they are being spammed with an overused keyword. Keyword usage is critical for website content as it relates to search engine optimization and the ability to attract traffic to a website.

The content is not just stuffed with keywords. Content provides customers the information they need efficiently and quickly in a friendly manner. The focus of content writing for insurance websites is all about relevance and searchability. The relevance refers to the content being useful to readers and the searchability is the correct use of targeted keywords to help search engines find your website.

Online writing is not like writing for print. This largely relates to the fact that roughly 79 percent of web users have a habit of scanning text instead of reading it. They will skip what they think is unnecessary information and dig for the nugget of information they think is crucial. The good news about people scanning your website is that it takes at least 25 percent more time to scan content online. So by default, visitors will spend more time on your site.

In order to write useful content, the writer must have the skill to insert headlines and paragraphs with keywords Writing for an insurance website means writing for potential customers, not other agents or companies unless you are specifically targeting another company or a group of agents to sell leads, for instance.

Ready to Quote excels in content writing because of their skilled team of writers, search engine optimization strategies, and their wealth of knowledge about the insurance business.