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Leads are the lifeblood of an insurance agency

May 15, 2013

Does your insurance website have all that it needs to garner leads?

Take a long, hard look at your insurance website. Do you like what you see? Does your staff like it? Do your customers like it? How does it compare to your nearest competition? These are hard questions to answer, as a website is a personal thing and as it was developed, there were parts of you that went into making it what it is today. However, you need to stand back and regard it from the point of view of a visitor to your site. It might not be as wonderful as you think it is. It’s time for some serious introspection about your insurance marketing goals.

First things first. Leads are the lifeblood of an insurance agency. No leads, no customers. No customers, no income. Your website needs to garner leads that will convert. That does not just mean having your contact information on the site. It means a lot more, like a good search engine optimization (SEO) campaign, one that draws traffic to your website. Once you have the traffic, you can get leads and from those leads, you can do quotes. While it sounds simple, you may be surprised to know that we hear from a number of insurance agencies wondering why their websites just do not bring in the traffic they need to grow their business.

While they may have a nice site, it may be old, out-of-date, built on a different platform, not properly optimized, or it does not load quickly, or have social media or even an instant quoting function. Yesterday’s websites are losing ground, if not vanishing entirely. In order to have an up-to-the-minute insurance website, you want to get as many targeted visitors as possible. Targeting your visitors begins with the right kind of SEO campaign, a revamped or new insurance website and a steady, controlled marketing strategy aimed at your target audience. For instance, if you specialize in selling Medicare supplements to seniors, you likely are not interested in students in college. Focusing your campaign is critical to your website’s success.

Back to the quoting function for a second: It’s crucial to have a quote request form readily accessible on every page of your website, not just the home page. For instance, instead of just having a Medicare supplement information page and a Medicare supplement quote page, ensure that there is a short contact form on the Medicare supplement page, which offers a visitor to your site the choice of filling out a detailed Medicare supplement request on the quote page. Of course, by offering quotes online, you must have secure pages for the collection of private information. All this is part and parcel of effective insurance website design.

If you want the traffic to grow your business, find an SEO partner with serious experience in the insurance industry. They know their stuff and it looks good on you.