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Insurance Marketing Takes Two To Tango

November 21, 2012

It takes two to accomplish the search engine optimization (SEO) tango, website design and content.

Just because it takes two components to make an effective search engine optimized website perform well on the Internet, that does not mean you need two kinds on online companies, marketers and designers. Ideally, those two necessary components work as one to produce what you need.

There is a long-standing debate over making a website chockfull of words or making it pretty. Both are right, because if you design an ugly website with good content, visitors are not likely to convert. So, no matter how much traffic that website may get, it does you no good in the long run.

Check this out for yourself by surfing Google for your competition. The first page-ranked websites are well designed, clean, professional, and crisp and upload fast. They also have superior content. It is no surprise these insurance websites rank where they do. It is simple: clean, professional websites convert better and rank higher – period.

You may be wondering why many SEO companies don’t pay much attention to professional website design. SEO companies are typically run by analytical specialists, whose main goal is to get a website ranked well. They are not artists or designers. This is why it takes two to tango when performing SEO on an insurance website. Both factions make the whole shebang work seamlessly.

In the design phase, ask the designer what strategy they use to maximize your SEO exposure. Understand they do not deal with the analytical side of this equation, but they do understand what not to do to allow the SEO gurus to do their job when they are done. For instance, they strive for a clean look, with calls to action at the top of the page. This strategy converts well. You may see that in action by checking out insurance websites with instant price quoting available to consumers, visible the moment they land on a page.

Chose to work with a guaranteed SEO company? If you are shooting for a first page ranking, the company may require you to update your website design to make it more Internet and search engine compliant. So, as you can see, design makes a “huge” difference. With easy to read text, that is straightforward, clear and to the point, an easy to navigate site and simple vertical layouts, the search engines will love your site – and rank you better. Sweet.

Here’s the scoop. Find a SEO company with an in-house website designer. Now you are well on your way to a good Google ranking.

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