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Insurance Marketing Made Easy with SEO

August 1, 2012

Insurance marketing is not your thing, but you realize how important it is to get your website up there in Google rankings.

Okay, what is the bottom line in insurance marketing? You want to make your business a huge success. To do that, you need a clean, crisp and professional image online. You need a professional website that has the latest changes in coding, the hottest new plug-ins, a dynamic blog, news releases that are relevant to your customers and articles that have fresh content in them updated on your site at least once a month. Don’t have the time to do that? Hire it out.

Find a search engine optimization company that also has solid experience in the insurance industry, and start asking what they can do for you to help you make your presence known on the Internet. The answer is they can do a lot, starting with evaluating your existing site for upgrade potential, comparing it to your competition, checking the code it is built on, explaining new tags out there to help categorize your content for search engines and offering you a cohesive team that does their thing in the background – from start to successful finish.

Over time, your insurance website will start to move from where it is now to a better spot on page one of Google’s search engine results. Keep in mind that this kind of movement does not happen overnight. It’s like trying to lose weight fast. It takes time and effort. Such is also the case with search engine optimization. It takes time to build a proper website that reflects who you are and what your business is all about. It takes time to choose the right keywords and then use them properly to get honestly earned recognition from the search engines.

If you want fast, down and dirty results, you can go that route, but usually two things happen. The first is you peak fast and only stay up for about a week. The black hat methods only work for the short term. The second thing likely to happen is, if you are caught using some of the less-than-ethical methods of boosting your website rankings, your site is yanked. Why waste time and money on a flash in the pan, when you could invest in a stable future with a skilled SEO company that takes the time and builds your site and rankings with care, due diligence and integrity.

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