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Think about Your Insurance Marketing, it’s Important

February 29, 2012

Your insurance website is more important than you may have thought.

Maybe you think it is just ‘out there’ taking up storage space on some server; the details are not that clear to you, but you know it is ‘there,’ doing something. If you have a bent for technology, your insurance website could be a whole lot of fun to create, update, tweak and load with all the relevant social media spots.

However, let’s say you have very little time in the day to run your insurance business and keep up with a demanding website; one you need, as it brings you customers. For some reason, Internet traffic seems to be slower, but you don’t know why. It looks ok to you. Then you get another agent to check it out, and are shocked at what they tell you.

The site looks like it was thrown together, the navigation is abysmal, that looped music playing on it is awful and there is not much that holds people’s attention. When an insurance website does not hold people’s attention, they leave, taking their consumer dollars with them. No consumer dollars. Business slows down. Time to do something and check into what proper search engine optimization can do for your site. The bottom line here is you need to do something to appeal to your target market, with a site that promotes what you are selling, and is relevant to your demographics.

These days what is relevant to your market is affordable health insurance, tips on how to find reasonably priced policies, how to lower a customer’s insurance premiums, and so forth. In other words, current, smartly written, up-to-the-minute articles, blog and news releases that tell people, in plain language, what’s what, where to find it, how to do it and that you are there to help them when they call. Don’t have time to write stuff for your website? No worries. Many other agents don’t either, and they hire a professional search engine optimization company to keep them relevant; a very good business investment for the long-term stability of your website.

Just remember, traffic on its own does not a sale make. So even if you had a contest to name your company mascot on your site, if you don’t have other material that people want and need, they will come and enter a name, but leave without buying. You want to convert those visitors to buyers. Your ticket to success is a company that offers social media marketing, proper search engine optimization for your website, an up to date blog, good link backs, information people can use and entertaining news – now, watch your business thrive, not just survive. specializes in marketing insurance websites online. Learn more at