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Your Insurance Website Markets Itself 365 Days a Year

January 28, 2012

Year round, day in and day out, your insurance website is marketing itself online. It needs to be the best it can be.

You already know that in order to make living online, your website needs to perform seamlessly with Web 2.0 applications. Period. The older the website, the more problems newer browsers will have accessing and displaying it. The older the website, the more difficult it is to access in the first place. Some or all of the elements do not work properly, forms are not functional and, well you get the idea. That insurance website is gold; it needs to be in tip top shape and Internet ready for today’s visitors.

Insurance marketing, on or offline, is about consistency, attention to detail, getting the company name out there, and providing superior customer service. It is about keeping your website up-to-date, fresh, interesting, compatible with social media and, and, and – when do you find time to run your business? Fair question. The answer is, you need a team of search engine optimization (SEO) pros to promote your business, consistently, and with integrity, by using the right keywords and phrases.

The reality is there are not enough hours in a day to do online marketing and keep a website current. Handling the other aspects of your insurance business is a full time job in and of itself. Add in the learning curve to get SEO right and suddenly the day ends with the feeling that not much was done. One person just cannot do everything on their own. They need a team of SEO specialists, with insurance industry experience, who know how to drive traffic to your insurance website.

Imagine your own insurance website that offers fresh content frequently, interesting blogs with thought provoking information, articles with unique information and news releases that put your company in the position of being an expert in the insurance marketing industry. A site like that featuring interesting things for everyone who visits is pretty appealing, and it can be yours for the asking by finding the right insurance search engine optimization

Why would you place your trust in such a company? The answer to that is easy. If the company co-founder worked in insurance marketing for over 25 years, the inside insurance industry scoop makes you look grand, gets you more conversions and keeps your own insurance website on top of changes in the industry. specializes in marketing insurance websites online. Learn more at