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Insurance Search Engine Optimization Opens Doors on the Web

May 4, 2011

The reason you are on the Internet is because you are in business and you want to sell a product, right? You cannot be on the WWW without having your insurance business website properly optimized for the Web. It is just that simple.

Perhaps you are handy with building websites and yours came out looking pretty darn good. You put it up on the Web, eagerly anticipating traffic – which does not amount to much. What is wrong? You likely did not take the time to find out what your relevant keywords or key phrases are and you likely did not optimize your insurance website for the search engines. This is really important now, more so than ever, since the latest changes in search engine algorithms.

Can you backtrack and fix it? Yes, you can do that, but you still need to have the right keywords and the right approach to insurance search engine optimization. You need to walk a fine line between doing what works and doing what is over the top and drives people away. For instance, say you love the color neon pink and that is what you used for your website.

Thinking to add a touch of creativity you also chose to use dark yellow printing and then opted to run it all down the middle of the page in one long message. Whoops, this is not going to attract people. The minute they land on an insurance website that vibrates because of the contrasting colors, they will leave – in droves.

What if you loaded a looped piece of music to your insurance website that you think is great, but, your visitors hate it and leave because it is too loud, will not quit and they do not think it adds anything relevant to your website. In fact, they find it annoying. In trying to find something that was nifty, new, off the wall and different for your insurance website, the end result was people would not stay long enough to read what you offered, never mind buy anything. This of course, will affect your bottom line.

If you are in business to sell insurance online, then you need a clean, crisp and business-like image that says professional insurance company with relevant information for consumers. Hiring your insurance search engine optimization out to a company with the know-how and right attitude will make your website interactive and responsive and result in conversions/new business.

What do you need? The right keywords, key phrases, geographic optimization, fresh articles about your industry, a blog with interesting material, a bit of humor, an instant quote engine to give people the insurance pricing information they want almost instantly. On top of things, on the leading edge, on the way up to the first page of Google – that is what the right company can do for you with insurance search engine optimization.

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