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The Insurance Market is All New in 2011

March 15, 2011

A new year means a new start, or at least revamping things that might not have been working for you. Let’s say your insurance website was not converting as many people as you had hoped it would. Or the number of visitors is down. What do you do about that?

If you are handy with website design and search engine optimization capable and know what you are doing, then you might want to consider redoing your website. Bring it up-to-date with a fresh, new look and clean and crisp copy with interesting information in it. Make sure you check your keywords are relevant, because if they are not, you may well be getting the wrong type of traffic.

Brush up your insurance website with an active blog, various news releases on a regular basis and make sure your write and distribute at least two or more articles a month in your area of specialization. If you have the time to do all that and run a business, you are doing well. However, most people take one look at what is needed to optimize an insurance website and run in the other direction.

It requires extensive knowledge of the current search engine algorithms, what the latest in search terms is, how people search for what they want and how to correctly use the right keywords on your website. This is not something you can just do once a month. It needs to be done once a day – a tweak here and there to make things look good, new additions to make your customers feel welcome and a great blog with lively and interesting entries.

You should also have a contact form right up front on every page so that people know where to get a hold of you. If you hide that information, very few people will take the time to track you down to send you a note. Instead, if they have to hunt for contact information, they just get fed up and leave – and there goes your chance at a conversion. No matter how nice your insurance website may be, if you do not cater to the customers wanting information online (and fast), you will lose them.

So for 2011, give yourself the gift of a properly optimized insurance website, easy to access contact forms, a stunning new design and layout and the other bells and whistles that will make your website stand out on the Internet. Yes, there are companies that will do that for you. Try and choose one that also has insurance marketing knowledge, because they truly understand your business.

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