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Smart Insurance Marketing Brings Customers

March 28, 2011

If you knew what your insurance marketing website really needs to convert browsers to buyers, you would be completely happy, right? While this is information you can definitely find out, search engine optimization is not something that everyone readily understands. And one thing is for sure; if you don’t take the time to get your insurance website done the right way the first time, you will have difficulties converting visitors to buyers.

It is a bit like building that famous mousetrap and then waiting for people to come and buy it. You can wait and do nothing, because you are certain it is a dandy mousetrap, or you can market your dandy mousetrap and make sure people find out about it. If you are in business, you will want to make sure people know all about your business, whether it is mousetraps or insurance. After all, you did not go into insurance marketing to not help customers select what they need when it comes to insurance.

Insurance marketing is your niche. To expand what you have and make it more attractive to customers, you want all the latest innovations that the Web 2.0 offers, such as social media, blogs and other nifty add-ons that attract customers searching for insurance information from an insurance website “in the know.”

It is quite clear you know what you are doing when you have a well designed website that highlights all of your strong points and knowledge. Add an instant quote function and you have one of the best methods to capture the attention of surfers. People want insurance information fast and they want it yesterday. If you have the ability to offer them quotes yesterday, you have just given them something they really wanted and they will remember that when they choose to buy.

Health care reform is still hovering on the horizon and it may come to pass that everyone will have to have insurance by 2014. If that is the case, if you step up your marketing now, you will be looking good business wise. You need to find a search engine optimization company that will be your partner in the success of your business – one with insurance marketing experience of their own. They know your business, because they do it everyday.

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