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Website Insurance Quotes Need to Be Right in Front of Your Visitors

October 31, 2010

These days, visitors to your insurance website want health insurance quotes in a blazing hurry. If they don’t get them, they tend to go elsewhere.

Since you’re in business to sell insurance, you want people to not only come to your website, but stay, look around awhile, and then buy a product. That is what having an online insurance marketing presence is all about. Once the visitors are there, you want them to stay. If you have what they want and can offer it right away, they remember you for that. So, if you have an interactive website that is able to offer at least three quotes at once, you’ve helped someone do comparison shopping and saved them some time.

It’s a fact that these days if someone knows they need insurance and has made up their mind to go online shopping, that they want lots of information before they make a purchasing decision. If your website offers the quote comparisons plus a lot of other interesting information people need to know, you have a potential buyer or convert.

Sure, people start by hunting for quotes, simply because they have budgets to adhere to and can’t spend big bucks. But, quotes aren’t the only things that keep a surfer on your site. If you have information on there that is fresh, interesting, has a twist to it, applies to their situation, is something new they didn’t know about or is the latest information in the insurance business, they will want to read about it.

Put yourself in the shoes of an online website surfer who is hunting for insurance quotes and wants to know a ton of information about insurance and what it will do for them. What would “you” want to see and know? Put another way, the people that come to your website are looking for some guidance in shelling out cash on insurance. If you give them what they want and deliver it promptly, you have the winning edge.

This means you want your message to be loud and clear, seen and heard in a way that visitors will remember your site. This doesn’t mean you use neon colors, tacky looped videos of you explaining insurance, looped music on each page or even flashing text. Those are the very things people click away from. If you want it done right the first time, find a company that knows insurance inside out and has search engine optimization experience. This is a winning combo for “you.”

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