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Think About Your Market, It’s Important

April 1, 2010

Your website is far more important that you might think. While you may think it’s just “up there” taking up space, the fact is that (depending on your marketing) you have visitors every day. If they don’t like what they see, they leave, and there goes your potential conversion. Put another way, if your website isn’t lively, colorful, interactive, and has useful information, you’ll lose business.

Let’s face it, most people on the internet these days are looking for something, whether it be a game to occupy their minds, Facebook to make friends, a book to buy or a service they need – for instance, insurance. So, to appeal to your target market, you need to have a website that deals with what you are selling.

If you sell health insurance and do your health insurance marketing accordingly, then your site’s focus needs to be just that. No sense in adding a section on motorcycles just because you like them. If confuses people and you want them focused on what you have to offer – health insurance.

Back to your website. If you have a really great one, one that shows you did your planning smartly and carefully, and one that has search engine optimization offering support to your site, quality linkbacks, a blog with character, interesting health insurance articles – and you don’t overkill your keywords (that’s bad for the search engines and called spamming), what do you suppose would happen?

Think about the answer for a second. Most likely, when you were reading the above paragraph, you got excited when thinking about how all those things mentioned would really boost your insurance website. Well, you’re right, you will get more traffic and that is how your business grows. Just remember, traffic alone does not a conversion make, but a good website will convert traffic to health insurance buyers.

When a website offers first rate services, quotes, ideas and links, then those who have visited it will remember it and go back. They’ll recall that the person who talked to them about their health insurance requirements was very knowledgeable. Why, they even told you about good health insurance plans at reasonable prices. That website was a hit and got a sale because the “person” behind it knew about the magic of social media marketing – the “personal” side of being who they are so people will know them and trust them.

Of course, right now you are doing all your own health insurance marketing and you are getting quite weary trying to keep up with it all and deal with customers. You are the “real” person who is the personality of your website. Make sure people know who you are and what you do because in order to do business with you, others will want to get a sense of the person selling them health insurance.

So, here’s the ticket to success: social media marketing, proper search engine optimization for your website, an up-to-date blog, good link backs, information people can use, and entertaining news – now, watch your business thrive, not just survive.

Chris Kazor is with insurance marketing company, specializes in marketing insurance websites online. Learn more at