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What Your Insurance Website Is Saying

November 30, 2009

All marketing literature from print to mass media to the web must be properly branded to your insurance market. This is very basic. However, many insurance agencies and even companies try to cut costs with their online insurance marketing efforts by using templates for their website.

The problem with template designs is that they are oftentimes designed around generic ideas. For example, if a designer is trying to sell their cookie cutter template to as many insurance websites as possible, they are going to make it suitable for common ideas.

However, the template website design will not come with a means to communicate with your target clientele. By using a generic design, you’re marketing your agency or company as being – well, generic.

The branding of your insurance agency is a multifaceted effort that must show congruence from business card, to billboard, to letterhead; and even to your website. The only way to truly communicate with your target market and really reap the benefits of your online marketing investment is to have a custom design developed exclusively for your insurance agency or company around your practice area(s), and exclusively for your target audience.

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