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How Your Insurance Agency or Company Can Compete

November 9, 2009

Everyday, we talk to insurance agencies and companies from all across the country. It is through this daily interaction that we learn about the concerns of insurance professionals in their pursuit of online insurance marketing strategies that work.

A major concern with many agencies and companies is whether or not they can compete, since they are coming into the online market much later than competitors that may have established a web presence well over a decade ago.

While it will not happen overnight, your insurance website can compete in the search engines.

When ranking a website, Google looks at two primary elements: your website and the number of quality links coming into your website. The advantage that other insurance agencies and companies have – that started many years ago – is simply their inbound link population.

As your insurance website exists, serves visitors and is referenced in third party articles or in the news, you start acquiring a number of inbound links (other websites linking to your website) which improves your credibility with Google.

If you do not previously have a website at all, you will have to get a little more aggressive. A new insurance website needs to (forgive the ancient motivational rhetoric) hit the ground running. From the time it goes live, you need a media machine putting content out on the web, news articles into online newswires, and a team of specialists distributing content through a series of social networks.

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