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Sailing Into Stronger Insurance Marketing

October 12, 2009

As many took off today for Columbus Day, we continued to work hard to make sure that the insurance companies and agencies who trust us with their insurance marketing continued to climb the search engine ladder.

When Christopher Columbus embarked on his journey, he was searching for the Indies but clearly missed; and thus, landed in North America. When it comes to your insurance marketing, you can’t really afford misdirection as it never ends with discovering something better.

The Internet is still very young (only being commercially accessible to the public since the early 90’s) and still a little risky to explore. This is why it helps to embark on your insurance marketing journey with a map to make sure you are pointing in the right direction.

Here are a few things to consider before marketing online.

1) What are your keywords? – If you optimize for keyphrases that nobody searches for, you will get high placement in Google with no traffic to show for it. Make sure your search engine optimization company researches keyphrases and checks how many searches Google receives on a monthly basis for those terms before optimizing your insurance website. Most SEO companies guess the keyphrases that will work without doing any real research.

2) How are links getting built? – To get ranked higher, your website will need other websites to link to it. The best way to do this is through content. We write articles and press releases each month and then distribute them through online newswires (Google News), blogs, social networks and information resources. As the content is distributed, it syndicates and so does the link back to your insurance website.

3) Your website? – Just as an old ship can no longer be seaworthy, your website may also no longer be fit for the Internet. Web standards are changing and becoming more advanced. Internet users are expecting more from their website experience. Make sure your insurance website is delivering by updating or possibly completely renovating your online presence.

Those three items are the most important components of search engine marketing.

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