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Immediate Traffic from Insurance SEO

October 5, 2009

Unlike other insurance marketing and search engine optimization companies, we like to express an honest expectation of how search engine optimization works. The insurance search engine optimization process is progressive, which means a newly optimized website will gradually make its way to the first page of Google for its related search terms.

So at first your insurance website may rank on page 5 (shortly after the SEO re-indexing) then it will work its way to page 3, then 2, and then ultimately to the first page.

So does that mean you are not going to see results for months? Not at all. Utilizing a series of traffic sources is what gets you to the first page.

You have two main elements of search engine optimization: onsite relevance and third party websites linking to your insurance website. The inbound links build credibility for your website, thus resulting in a high ranking.

What are the traffic sources?

Newswires – On most of our standard plans, we write two press releases every month for your agency or company. Those press releases go out to newswires that syndicate to Google News and other relevant news sites and blogs. As people read your press releases from these sources, they click through to your website, thus building not only links but traffic.

Blogs – Your website blog can be syndicated to Digg, your Business Facebook page and Google Blog Search (Google’s search engine for blogs). As content is posted to your onsite blog, it gets syndicated and distributed throughout the web – again, carrying your link and leading web traffic back to your agency’s website.

Social Networks – Social networks are a great traffic source. In fact, we now work with over 6 social networks. These networks allow us to post content to their high traffic, high page ranking networks. As a result, your information and website links reach a targeted audience of potential new clients looking for information related to your area of practice.

The combined search engine optimization process will yield immediate clicks and traffic to your insurance website, even before your website is ranked on the first page of search results. However, this isn’t necessarily the case with all insurance marketing companies because no other company offers the combined press releases, articles, blogging, social networking and writing services as a standard part of their insurance marketing package.

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