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What Your Insurance Website Can Learn from ECommerce

September 8, 2009

A change in your insurance website could possibly upgrade your website’s performance. Imagine for a moment that you are shopping online for a product. You use the usual methods to find websites that are selling the very item you need or want.

Finally, you stumble across a couple of websites –both having the same product, but one is more expensive than the other. The more expensive item is offered on a nice website that has a professional design, easy to navigate menu, and even has an intuitive checkout process. The website offers clear images of the product, even multiple angles and comments from other buyers.

You could save fifteen percent if you buy from the second website. This website has random moving objects that are distracting. The bright red text is placed atop a black background making it difficult to read. And while the website assures you that you can purchase online, the “buy now” and “checkout” icons are not obvious.

More than likely, you will spend the extra money and buy from the cleaner website.

The same rules apply to your insurance marketing. When an individual or company is needing insurance coverage, a professional website that offers a clean, easy to navigate user experience and a substantial amount of useful information will lead to greater response.

Your website has to do what you or a representative of your company or agency would traditionally do which is achieve a comfort level with your prospective clients. Your insurance website has become the new marble floors and imported furniture in your lobby. It is the very thing that will either scare your prospective policy holders away or encourage them to contact you and setup a consultation.

Monitor your own web surfing habits. Pay close attention to the types of websites you gravitate toward and notice their quality of content, design and simplicity. Then ask yourself and those around you if your insurance website is just as alluring as the sites your frequently visit.

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