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Great Insurance Websites Have Great Rankings

September 14, 2009

As new methods of online insurance marketing surface and existing forms get enhanced, it’s important to notice another change in the webosphere. Things are getting prettier.

Sometimes we like taking a trip down memory lane and looking at the exhibits of yesteryear. First stop, the museum of website design. In 1990, an application was introduced called the WorldWideWeb Browser. It just so happened to also be an editor. You can see a screenshot of this masterful work at

The concept was simple. A website was little more than a bunch of textual pages linked together. A few pages of content, some links to other similar content, and tada, you have a website. Was it built for conversion and optimized for the 20 nonstandard search engines of that time? Probably not. But it was a website and it laid the foundation for the Internet we now have.

Nearly twenty years ago, there was much fascination with the concept of publishing something that could be accessed from anywhere in the world that had an Internet connection. The first Windows web browser that allowed background imagery was cause for excitement. But now, the honeymoon is over; the web is all grown up.

Believe it or not, some insurance websites still look like they were made with the above mentioned 19 year old program (WorldWideWeb). But to make it to the first page of Google, your insurance website needs to put on some makeup and its “Sunday best.”

If you search for anything that is popular on Google, you will notice that most of the websites on the first page look fantastic. They are easy to navigate, are very intuitive to work through, and the images and coloring make the site an overall pleasant experience.

For your insurance website to compete for page one, it’s going to need some improvements. Do a search for other insurance providers in your area, and notice how many pages their website has. Notice the simplicity for contacting the agency or company and getting information. Notice the colors used – are they soft or are they contrasting and obnoxious? Compare what you have to what others have and think to yourself, “If I didn’t know anything about either company or agnecy, which one would I call?”

Of course, sometimes it’s best to have an unbiased third party review it. Go ahead and request a quote and give us some of your competitors to compare websites. We will then make suggestions to improve your performance.

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