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Should Insurance Agencies and Companies Social Network?

August 8, 2009

We spend a lot of time talking about social networks. Why? Because they work. Social networks are probably one of the greatest things to hit search engine optimization and insurance marketing since the popularity of blogs.

Is it appropriate for your insurance company or agency to engage in social networking? Yes… with restrictions.

The first rule of business in social networking is to avoid MySpace. MySpace is not a place for business; it’s a place for kids, and their market share is quickly switching to Facebook.

The goal of any social networking is twofold. First, you need to get your name out in a community, and then connect with other businesses, insurance related professionals and individuals with whom you may share common goals and interests. Doing so may result in cross country exchanges of leads and prospects which is certainly a priority.

The other side, which excites us as online insurance marketing geeks, is the further spreading of content and generating inbound links back to your firm’s website.

You need to use social networks that allow you to publish a blog on their system. Then you can publish content, articles, stories, and credentials; all of which link back to your website. Having an abundance of information on your social networking profile will build credibility for you and your company/agency, and prevent you from being just another profile.

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