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Online Insurance Marketing to Help Rise Above Other Agencies

August 10, 2009

With search engine optimization, you are constantly competing to be the best website in your field, while convincing Google that your insurance website is in fact page one material.

The best way to do this is to make your website an asset to your visitors. About 5 years ago, the quality of search engine results was getting lower due to the introduction of two ideas – doorway pages and keydomains.

Doorway pages were pages that frequently repeated the target keyphrase in order to display an “optimized” page. Ultimately, a website was filled with hundreds of doorway pages containing repetitive copy, the only difference being the keywords.

Keydomains worked along the same lines only instead of having highly optimized pages, they had highly optimized domain names.

For a while it seemed like no matter what you searched for in Google or Yahoo, you were bombarded with low quality spam pages that provided little, if any, useful information. So Google started punishing the sites using doorway pages and keydomains and no longer ranked them favorably.

Most ethical search engine optimization companies and online insurance marketing companies stopped the practice of doorway pages and keydomains, and moved forward with other ideas that were an effective means of optimizing a site while helping the search engines display useful search results.

With that said, you need valuable content and information. A website with many pages of useful information will generally rank higher in Google and other search engines. Plus, it helps build credibility for your insurance agency or company.

Making your website an asset to visitors is not solely accomplished with content (though content is very important); it’s also accomplished through providing resources. Help your visitors find more information on a topic of interest by linking to relevant government resources, state/county websites, and even articles written by other agencies — in areas outside of your service area.

All of this will help your insurance website be an asset to your visitors and the search engines as well.

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